speed demon

I’m trying something new/old with Lu.

I know, I know what you’re thinking, “Em, you do this every couple of months”. At the moment I’m waiting on a reply from Polona about what I do next but basically the other day I set up a super easy little sequence.

And then I back-chained. And after each go she got a thrown ball and either a big jackpot play or hose game or something. And she seemed to really like it. Here’s the video from the other day:

(I left in all the inbetween playing bits for Polona)

Then I did a new sequence tonight which used a similar concept- building on really simple little sections  that didn’t involve any thinking or slowing down. Big open courses with no discriminations, no consequences for doing things wrong, no hard tunnel entrances, just RUNNING…
And… I think she likes it. I think this could be good for her. Really good. Really get her to understand that agility is about running fast, and about having fun, and just about go go go… and then when she’s doing that, add in a turn here, or a discrimination, or a tricky tunnel. Just one, and the rest about running. And then add another one. Which means no tough sequences for a while, no ‘international’ stuff. Just fun ‘novice’ level stuff. Which is ok.

A lovely thing was despite running running running, she hit all her contacts beautifully tonight. I love it when she does a good job- it’s just such an obvious hit – 2 front feet, smack bank in the middle/lower third of the contact zone.

Still working on Loki’s RC. He did 2 hits from a close wrap start today that were AWESOME… and the next 3 were leaps. But at least we’re doing the whole thing so he’s getting to the contact zone with some speed. Now it’s just a matter of him continuing to run down rather than leaping off cos he’s going too fast.


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