straya day

Yay, happy patriotic day

This is as patriotic as I'm getting.

This is as patriotic as I’m getting.

Today I delivered my first order of jump wings and happily pocketed the proceeds – thanks very much, seesaw or tire or another online class here I come. They took Nic and I fricken hours though so it’s not like I could just sit back and watch the money roll in.

Then Penny came to our house and we went for an on-lead walk for like, 45 minutes which is the longest Lu has walked in 2 weeks and she was walking by my side by the end and not pulling. Then they ate bones and we listened to the Hottest 100 even though Penny didn’t vote so really she shouldn’t have even been there listening.
And then we played Bananagrams, and then we ate vegan BBQ, and then we invented a game which is now called Speed Penis. I learnt how to spell Tyrannosaurus.

It’s safer not to ask.

And now the dogs are wonderfully tired and it’s wonderful, even though they decided they needed to fight each other over Lumen’s shitty medicinekibble because I asked Mal to do a trick and in Lumen’s mind that was too close to him stealing her candykibble and therefore he had to die, and also she’s hormonal so she’s allowed to be mean. I don’t know if she’s attacking him because she’s more hungry than usual because her food is like 95% corn now, because she’s hormonal, or because the food is 95% corn and therefore is like fricken yellow candy for dogs. But she attacked him the other day for trying to share her kong which was full of kibble even though they’ve shared it a hundred times before… and when all 5 of them had bones outside, she let Mal take hers and eat it. What? Does she love medicinekibble? Is that why I’m getting such awesome intensity and enthusiasm? Do I need medicinekibble in a little container for training agility? Maybe I do.

Anyway, it was very nice to see Penny and all her dogs and for Javelin to not want to make Whizzies with Lumen and for Lumen and Badger to do very calm and restrained play without fast running or rough wrestling.
Also I promised I’d stop looking at PetRescue but I think I said before that that site and are like porn for me so I can’t stop, it’s an addiction, and this dog came up, even though it’s not really a good time (mine is a broken dog) and I shouldn’t be looking. Doesn’t say if she likes toys though.



So, the more I see about OneMind Dogs, the more I’m looking forward to going to the seminar.

Even though I know Penny hates them and that she’ll secretly be judging me for going.

And then there’s Susan Garrett, who is about to do some kind of handling course thing too, but Penny hates her as well, so I guess that’s out.

Also, Penny hates puppies. I’m pretty sure she does because she hates pretty much everything.

Pretty much conclusive evidence that Penny hates puppies. Here she is punching a hovertating puppy in the head, while wearing heels. I mean, what more proof do you need?!

Pretty much conclusive evidence that Penny hates puppies. Here she is punching a hovertating puppy in the head, while wearing heels. I mean, what more proof do you need?!

NB: I had to give Penny different lower legs because when I was photoshopping the photo I had to cut off the lower half of her legs. I toyed with the idea of two peg-legs too but I figured that was Pan’s domain. I don’t just photoshop legs onto people for fun. 

new year’s eve & 2014 plans

Sorry if there’s some messed up code in this post, I was trying to link it to a slideshow somewhere else but it refused to work and now I can’t find the code anywhere to delete it. 

Epic, awesome, best way to spend New Year’s Eve: renegade camping on the dog beach with a campfire, watching the sunset, chatting about dogs and other stuff, cooking marshmallows and bananas with chocolate in their skins, seeing fireworks go off across the bay – far enough away that you can hardly hear them, dogs running, playing, wrestling, carrying sticks.

Not so great: sand. so much sand. & Lu needing to ‘defend the ranch’ by trying to bail-up passers-by in the morning.

Instead of ‘resolutions’ here are my plans for this year:

-begin competing with Lu. Not sure when – when she’s ready, when I’m happy enough with her jumping, when she can weave and do an A-frame. I don’t expect her jumping to be 100% by the time we start, and at the same time I think she needs that exposure to jumps in different contexts to figure out what to do. That experience, plus added confidence will hopefully develop her jumping style over time. Weaves shouldn’t take more than another couple of months – I’m not rushing them, just enjoy gradually making the entrance challenges more difficult, and building her independence.

-more adventures, and balancing adventuring with competing – this will be a challenge, particularly as the best hiking time is going to be winter (no snakes) and most of the competitions happen in winter. Hmmm! But we want to check out some new places this year when the weather gets cool again, and try and do some overnight hikes, or overnight camping with the car. Also more hiking in the snow, since that’s so much fun.

-finding a new place where I can train and hold classes on our own property. This then means buying more equipment (a seesaw, to start! Then maybe a tire) and making equipment (broad jump, jump wings).

-starting Lu in a herding trial, and maybe Rally-O, too. I’d love to get her started in some tracking training, too! So much stuff.

-get back to running to 10km. I was there once, if I can find the time, I can get there again.

So, that’s what I’m aiming for. Hoping you all had a fantastic New Year’s Eve, whatever you got up to. 🙂

Also, I just made this for Penny. Thanks very much, 1-semester’s worth of photoshop class at Uni.


Oh, and also there was this. (very very happiness)

And on that note, so begins our 4-5 (or so) day break from Agility. Hopefully there’ll be some adventures though, since I’m still on holidays. And maybe I’ll try and teach her a new trick (or sharpen up one she’s learning, like the vault off my chest, or snorkle on command, or … something else? Suggestions? Maybe bowl in bowl, and work on toy into toybox…)

magical wizardry

I spent literally an hour this afternoon creating this picture after I decided I needed a picture to go with the post. And anyway, why wouldn't you create a picture of your dog as a wizard when you have nothing else to do.

I spent literally an hour this afternoon creating this picture after I decided I needed a picture to go with the post. And anyway, why wouldn’t you create a picture of your dog as a wizard when you have nothing else to do.


The man does T-Touch among other strange sounding things. I liked very much how he let the dogs settle in and sniff around and didn’t force them to do anything. He put a wrap on Lu. Surprisingly, she didn’t freeze up but she was awkward. He said to her: “you can lay down if you want” and I kind of laughed- Lumen, lay down, and RELAX?! In a strange place?! With a weird thing on her body?! You’ve got to be kidding me! She wandered around for about another 5-10 minutes, then lay down next to him and fell fast asleep on his shoes. Huh? Then, he put his hands on her and they sat like that for a while as he asked me questions like:
“With her front and rear end do you think there’s awareness and connection?”
To which I replied:
“Awareness, definitely, she prefers to use her back-feet when shaping. Connection? No. I would say her front and back half work almost independently of one another sometimes.” And he nodded, like as I thought, and continued to have his hands on her. Then she sleepily stood up and sleepily went and hopped on the armchair and sleepily curled up like an arctic fox in her bushy tail and just conked out. Even when birds were like CRASHBANGSQUAK against the side of the shed, she woke up for a moment, and fell back asleep.

And he told me  a lot that I didn’t really understand about the nervous system and lymphatic rhythms and stuff and I glazed over a bit as he held Mallei’s feet (who wasn’t really keen to be there because maybe he was a vet and also he had a clipboard and apparently that was super frightening). Then Mal fell asleep too and stopped barking at things so much.

Today I took them both to Mt. Evelyn reserve and Lu seemed very cheerful and nicely focused as I did some tricks there (also, unrelated, I am THIS CLOSE to having her ‘limp’ independently, without leaning on my hand. SO COOL), and she came to check in on me beautifully. I don’t know if she’s any ‘different’ yet, to be honest, and I’m very skeptical if his voodoo magic will work, but if I see a happier, calmer dog who is more confident and powerful in her skin, I’ll be happy. He said that because she is SO sensitive of her perception of her space/self (as in, hates having things on her, etc), possibly doing the wraps and stuff will make her more confident and powerful because her perception of that space will change. So, that could be interesting particularly in regards to her jumping.
Tonight is our prep information night. It feels weird to not go home and obsess over my dog. Is this what normal people do?