swimming & running

Finally got around to taking the dogs to the dog pool 20 minutes down the road today. Even threw Mal in the car (not literally) as I thought they might be able to squeeze him in for the first intro session too. Which they did. All 3 dogs got a little swim, all 3 wearing a life-jacket (Lumen’s face at first was priceless. She was going to DIE). All 3 had their own little agendas when swimming.

Loki: swim VERY FAST to get all the places and maybe try and escape on the corners. Overtake Lumen, and once overtaken, keep trying to look back to make sure she’s still coming. Basically water herding.

Lumen: Very cruisy. “Yeah yeah, I’m swimming, no big deal. I’ll pace myself incase we’re at this for a while”. Just set an easy pace for herself and got down to the business of swimming. Didn’t bother trying to escape.

Mal: PANIC FACE. The assistant guy said he wasn’t panicked at all and some dogs will roll around and splash madly, but I could tell. Tried to escape at every corner. Very determined swimmer because maybe he was going to be left to die in there.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to taking them once or twice a week and fully beefing them up.

Beef-cake dogs.


Raised the plank the other day and Loki lost his ability to run and discovered how to leap. Have been considering myself very lucky that we’ve had basically no leaps so far. The DW is now on 800mm and if you’ve stuck around the blog for a while you may or may not recall that 800mm with Lumen nearly killed us. I think it took 6 sessions of nothing but leaping before she started to improve. Today I found a most excellent starting spot with Loki at the apex of the down plank and we just ran that a bunch of times. He’ll be right – I’m not worried. Having gone through the process with Lu now I feel like no bad session is indicative of everything being lost. But isn’t it interesting how both my dogs (and Mal too, I think), haven’t coped with 800mm!?

Remember this, or this, or this?

Lu had a great attitude today. We did some multi-wraps and single-jump sends with the bar on 300mm, trying to improve her capacity to turn. What do you think I should do at this seminar? Should I run her on lowered bars as I’m working on her turning? Run her on 500mm since that’s her competition height and she needs to learn to threadle and stuff on that height? I’m not sure, I think lower would be better. After the multi-wraps and stuff we played a game of ‘crazy balls’ where she had to come do a wrap, then go get the next ball… come do a wrap, then the next ball, etc. If she was too wide, I’d ask her to redo the wrap which usually I wouldn’t do because of her motivation but she really loves the crazy-ball game and I think actually makes a really clear point: “We can’t go on with the game until you do that better”. So crazy balls seems to be the way to go for everything – Polona called it our secret weapon. So we’re doing DW crazy-balls, wrap crazy balls and weave crazy balls.

I think Lu is starting to get back to her old self. She’d put on weight and was chubby after desexing and rehab but as of this last week or so, her figure is looking so much better, you can feel her ribs again, and I can see a big change in how much she wants to run or play. Amazing the difference a bit of weight can make. The scales said she’s 19kg which is still about 500g-1kg heavier than I’d like her to be and I don’t think she’s THAT muscly! So there’s still some weight to get off but I’m glad she’s looking and feeling better.

photo(s) of the week: herding

Below: A gallery of Lu’s herding photos taken by the wonderful Karen Edwards… After the herding the dogs all get to go crazy running around the dam at Rozate… Lu accidentally fell in straight away and despite the temperature being probably only 14C, she happily fetched clumps of dead grass and sticks in the water for the next hour, or ran around with her nephew and the other dogs. She had a great time and I LOVE being able to practise my “go go go!!!” command over and over again. 😉