“Hike!” is Loki’s “go fast” word for the DW… but actually on this hike they spent not much time going fast and most of the 11km being sensible and restrained. It was amazing.

Penny’s brother & his girlfriend took some lovely photos, and since I didn’t bring my camera, I’m glad they did.

It was actually a lovely walk – Lumen only disappeared on us twice and came back pretty well. Mal stayed behind my legs most of the way huffing and puffing ( I actually suspect he has bronchitis but need to take him to the vet with that suggestion), and Loki was way way out front most of the time, or off on his own side adventures, as he has a habit of doing. It was a great little track though with some up hill bits, some cool rock bits and some awesome views.

weekend wrap-up

Another good, but busy weekend has passed!

Saturday saw us at the park practising some extension/collection exercises again and I’ll tell you what, Lumen is starting to really run. She likes this straight line game! Unfortunately I’m seeing wide turns now but since my focus is on that running, I’m not going to stop her or make her multi-wrap… she just needs to get used to that speed and how to collect properly to turn well… Because we’d been going at a medium pace for so long, it’s suddenly a different picture. I had two curved tunnels at either end and she was driving forward and going through them with pretty good speed.

Another free-running adventure...!!!

Another free-running adventure…!!!

Sunday and we woke up early to get out to Tallarook, the park we were in last week, to try and find some rock-climbing rocks to explore with the dogs, and to have a birthday picnic of left-over vegan pizza (yum). We hiked out and had a bad start, getting lost almost straight away (I don’t know how, go figure). But, we pushed on and trekked through bush, over lots and lots of fallen trees, through bracken fern, on 4WD tracks and over rocks. Lumen took off at least 3 or 4 times and each time came back without having to call her too much. I don’t know sometimes if she’s actually seen something to chase, or if she just thinks she has, but in any case, it’s great to be practising her recalls when she’s ‘on the hunt’. I figure even if she isn’t chasing anything, if she does, she’ll have had so much practise that she shouldn’t go far. I figure it’s fairly inevitable that if she sees a roo or rabbit she’ll be off like a shot (I have a video of her doing this, actually, from today), so it’s more a matter of how long it takes before she comes back. Today’s recalls were great, I was very pleased.

Lunch breaks on some rocky-rocks. Lumen was NOT keen on the altitude!

Lunch breaks on some rocky-rocks. Lumen was NOT keen on the altitude!

So we had about 2 hours of hiking all up, with a break for lunch in the middle- the dogs were particularly unimpressed about being tied to a tree, but there were sheer rock cliffs all around and although Lumen was suitably cautious about going near the edge, there was rabbit activity about and I didn’t want her to see one and do something silly. Mallei also apparently has no brains and was trundling up to the edge quite happily, showing no signs of worrying about falling off. Um..

Both dogs were tired by the time we got back, though I suspect Lu could have continued on through the bush for another 30-60 minutes… Mallei was slowed down to a walk, and getting unsteady on his feet, so it’s clear who’s the fitter dog!

There it is! My soon-to-be agility field!

There it is! My soon-to-be agility field!

And the last, and possibly most exciting thing to have happened this weekend, was finally finding myself an agility field!!! The most amazing field ever because, not only is it flat, it’s 2 minutes from our house (and we live in a hilly area so flat land nearby is very hard to come by), it has a barn which I’m free to use, it has lights already on the barn (!!!) which I’m free to use, and I bet I could bring my own, too, and plug them in to an extension cord, and they’re not going to charge me anything!!!! This is like a dream come true!!!! So, now I need to order my dogwalk and weaves, make a couple more jumps, and I should have an amazing agility dog with running contacts and brilliant weaves because I can actually practise more than once a week. I’m so, so stoked. The woman who owns the place just seems lovely- they were selling, but now they’re not so I can use one of their paddocks for all my stuff!!! Whoo hoo!!! No more carrying 20kg of sand-bags back and forth from the car! No more hammering weaves into the ground every time I want to practise!!!

I’m so, so excited. It’s so perfect. It’s more than perfect!!!