I <3 these guys

I ❤ these guys

Hey so, here’s a page about me.

I’m Em, I live near Melbourne, Australia.

I live with my husband Nic, our cat Mia  who rarely gets a mention, and of course Mallei, Lumen and Loki. They have their own pages.
I’m a primary school teacher.  I’m lucky to work at a school that lets me bring Lumen or Loki in with me, and kids who absolutely adore them and ask me constantly whether they’re at school, and look really disappointed when they’re not. One day I was off sick, and the substitute teacher told me that more kids asked whether Lumen was at school than where I was. I know where their loyalties lie. For her part, she adores kids like no dog I’ve ever met, and I think kids will be able to do anything to her and she’ll just think it’s fantastic.

We live about an hour east of Melbourne on two acres which is just perfect for agility.

Sorry about the pictures below sometimes doubling up. Not sure why and can’t seem to fix it. Odd.


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