So, we have a bit of a problem.

I mean, it’s not a huge problem. And I haven’t had too many Lokiproblems yet. It’s just that I’ve been very calm about this dogwalk and very un-stressed about some average sessions up to this point because I remembered how long it took with Lu but we just persevered and persevered and eventually we got there….

But I think we’re up to session 6 or 7 with Loki on 800mm… and today it feels like we went backwards.

I know this happens with RC. I remember with Lu – you’d think YES, we’ve got it!!! And then the next session would be 80% leaps… It’s just… I’d like to see more progress. I worry, watching this video, that I haven’t been very good about spotting and appropriately rewarding good hits, or not rewarding as much the high/close hits. I also worry on some of the reps about he has little to no separation… but then on the next go he’ll have plenty so maybe that’s just him (and just my paranoia about his clicky knees/legs being something sinister).

think that when he starts with a wrap, he just had SO MUCH speed, and he sort of flies over the apex so that when he lands, his legs are going everywhere and it’s just easier to leap off.

Is this just an experience thing? Keep persevering? Maybe give him a week off to think about that session? It’s such a different problem than any I had with Lu. Although her dogwalk took 6-8 sessions to be leap-free at this height, once she had it, I could run her on with FULL SPEED and she’d hit. Loki is just so much more unpredictable, and maybe that’s just cos I built Lu up slower too, she had more reps on lower heights, but she needed it! Loki didn’t.

Not sure what the solution to this one is. I even ditched the tunnel today and put his toy after a wing jump which maybe got better focus on the exits but still didn’t help with leaps. Arg. Maybe he needs to be in a different starting spot. Maybe the starting spot encourages Lumen-type front-feet hits, but not Loki RF hits… If he was in a different spot he might not hit the apex at that point… I don’t know if it would help though as he seems to elongate that stride over the apex whether he’s close to it or far from it, so it might just be a matter of him figuring out how to control his legs as he hits the down ramp again after that long stride.

(video not quite ready at time of posting but not far off)

I feel in a way that we’ve ‘fallen out of sync’ lately. I tried doing some early serpentine stuff with him and it was pretty messy. I think I’m so used to him just ‘getting it’, that when he doesn’t, it sort of confuses me in a way. And I think that he’s so used to ‘getting it’ that when he doesn’t, he tries his heart out and gets kind of confused and angry. I’m conscious that he’s going through some adolescence stuff right now too so I don’t want to ‘turn him off’.

Maybe it’s time for a little break for a week or 2, do some tricks to remind him about using his back legs and strengthening his core, and then come at it again fresh. 🙂


2 thoughts on “problems

  1. iffebim says:

    Do you have PawPods? I got four of them some time ago. I think they are really nice for proprioception and thoughtful foot placement (as opposed to the craziness that can happen when doing some other hind leg tricks that BCs can just do super-fast). Just standing on them with all four feet is not that simple as they tip over/slide away if the dog is not standing in the middle. Or you can combine them with other surfaces, or do pivots on them… I really like that the dog needs to be slow and thoughtful rather than just flipping around with his legs.
    I didn’t get the brand name ones, just the balance pods that are available at the fitness store for humans.

    • Em says:

      I do have them so I might pull them out for sure. You’re right about needing more thoughtful less crazy 😉 might do the 4 in the bowl/box trick, too. Thanks for the suggestion!

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