poor neglected Lumen

I feel a bit bad for Lu at the moment…

When I come in from training Loki her eyes are all big and hopeful. If she’s outside watching she barks and yips little excited and frustrated barks of wanting to join in.

But I haven’t been training her. Usually, I train Loki first – he’s my priority so if I can get something done in the daylight and go for a walk, I will. Then, we either finish on a really good note and therefore I don’t want to ‘punish’ him by locking him away and running Lu (the worst thing in the world for him), OR… we finish up feeling a bit deflated and I don’t want to train Lu with that attitude.

Or… I finish a nice session with Loki and we all go for a walk. Plus it’s hard with Lu – you have to warm her up and cool her down for literally 5 minutes of training.

Then again, I don’t know how much she actually gets out of training given she seems to think  that most of the things we do are stupid and pointless… So maybe it’s not that big of a deal.



I’m trying very hard at the moment to find a balance between all the things I want/need to do with the dogs, and the available time/daylight hours that are actually available.

Maybe if I was more smarter I could make that into a fancy kind of algebraic equation, like: Total hours in the day – (working + eating + sleeping + occasionally stopping to talk to my husband) – (walking + training Loki + training Lu + doing strength etc tricks with Lu + occasionally paying attention to Mal) = slowly going mad from not being able to fit in everything I want to be able to do.


I actually thought really hard about that equation. I used BODMAS and everything.


So that pretty much sums it up. I want to be able to give the dogs a decent walk every day- at least half an hour, preferably off-lead. However, Lu is such a turd off lead with her chasing of animals and various turdishness that I have to weigh up whether I suffer stress as a result of her constant chasing, but getting better exercise, or annoyance at having her on-lead and absolutely losing her shit every time we see, hear or smell an animal that has crossed our paths. Luckily Penny is a genius and alerted me to CaniX and her home-made version, and even attested to its awesomeness, so I’ve now rigged Lu up to a hip-belt with padding and she’s suddenly a lot less annoying than she was, but still not 0 annoying. Annoying factor when holding the lead: 12/10. Annoying factor when attached to waist: 7/10. This is a good improvement.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that Lu is a turd, in general. A big, stinky, squishy turd of beautifullness but annoyingness. Gosh she frustrates me. So much. The way she picks on the cats, that she barks at people who show up at the park, that she chases things, that she barks at dogs who are play fighting because they might be actually fighting, that she wants to get IN THE MIDDLE of dog fights (WHY?!). I think having Loki being such a golden puppy has really made me appreciate how much of a bitch she is. Seriously. She’s really getting on my nerves.

Love you, but god you're an annoying shit sometimes.

Love you, but god you’re an annoying shit sometimes.

Anyway, along with the walk, I still actually need to train Lu sometimes (part of my brain is saying: “now that she’s competing and enjoying doing agility, we don’t have to train any more, yay!” but it doesn’t work like that, brain), although being injured myself has been a good enough reason to not do much, or to only do two-jump stuff in the backyard, and that’s been really valuable I think… but even so, she hasn’t weaved, climbed, or run (a dogwalk) in a week. I think this will be ok, but I’m conscious that the weaves are still so new that I don’t really want to stop right now.

I also need to do conditioning tricks with her and make sure she gets some sprinting in for her fitness.  Of course, Loki also needs training, but shouldn’t run as much as the big dogs, and his repertoire of tricks is pretty small at the moment and I don’t want to overdo the same ones and cause problems there. Meanwhile I’d like to take him out to see some rabbits and other animals but then that means that Lu misses out on a walk in the morning.

So I’m trying to find the balance between all of this – how to not ditch training in favour of walks… how to not train too much and still be able to get out for a walk… how to find the energy and time to do tricks with Lu…

Can you just be this sleepy and cute all the time?

Can you just be this sleepy and cute all the time?

What I need, are more daylight hours with the current wintery temperatures.

Problem solved.


Hey that’s weird… you get a double dose of me photos today. Enjoy…?

finding time

Things are so hectic we hardly even have time to
chew on sticks

I find that I’m having difficulty fitting in all the things I want to be doing right now. I’ll be glad for school holidays that start on Friday and go for 2 weeks, but of course I’ll be back to square 1 as soon as they finish.
At the moment we: Wake up at 6. Check emails, etc. Get up, shower, get dressed, breakfast, feed cats.
Then, if Lumen is coming to school with me, I usually squeeze in some trick training before heading off  early so she can have a run at the park, chase a ball, whatever.
If she’s not, I squeeze in some trick training, then take both the dogs for a 20-30 minute walk with some running and playing packed into the middle.
At work till 4.30, get home at 5ish.

Then, I need to either:
Go for a run
Walk Mal & Lu
Train Lu in agility stuff at the park
Trick train Lu
Take Lu to the dog park

Or a combination of all of the above (eg tonight will hopefully be – go for a run, with Mal, do some trick training and get to the park for either some collar resistance/running or just playing with dogs.
And eat dinner, write blog posts, feed cats, etc… now that it’s getting darker earlier and earlier I’m feeling more and more frantic to fit it in, and Lu has ‘training windows’ where she works best, and times where she’s just useless and I might as well not bother, so I have to fit it all in around that, too.

I know it’s a bit of a first-world problems post, and I’m sure things will (maybe?) get worse as we pick up more training clubs to go to, but for now my head feels like ARRRRR!!! SO MANY THINGS!!