dog of iron

Part of our “Let’s Play” class was to do some “Iron dog” tricks, to make sure they’re fit and strong enough to be able to run full speed.

What you’ll see below is the result of all Lu’s food play over the last few weeks as she obsessively wants to stand up on me because this is her new favourite trick, and the fact that she is now so intensely interested in the food that her brain is trying to explode a little. The whole sit pretty-stand-sit pretty bit where she’s basically just losing her shit is just her not being able to get her brain together to do the trick like I know she knows how to do. Bye bye thoughtful thinking dog!!


And look, she’s not Loki-like in her absolute frenzy of behaviours in the way that he is, but she’s so much more animated and keen than a month ago. It’s really cool.