Loki and I went to a one day ‘course analysis’ seminar with Dave Munnings on Thursday.

We learnt a lot, I think. I learnt that Loki is so awesome for such a baby dog who has only had 3 competitions.

I learnt to trust him in places I wouldn’t normally trust him and just run.

I learnt a bit of a new way of doing K-turns that we need to work on.

I learnt that I need to proof Loki’s “GO VERY FAST THEN TURN” cue, as the turn bit gets a little lost and he tends to drift wide and ends up in weird places/on the wrong side of a bar etc and ends up with a slower line than a line with a 360 degree wrap and an awkward line..

I learnt a way of helping him with his weave problem that I’m going to try.

I learnt that he has the coolest independent tunnels regardless of my motion.

I learnt how to tidy up my threadle and make them a bit more reliable, sometimes.

I legitimately think his jumping class is helping! He knocked very few bars even when he was tired at the end.

I found that it was lovely after each of our turns to take him outside for a walk and to just calm down and reconnect. It wasn’t necessarily a cool down as we were having a turn every 20 minutes or so, but it was nice to just sit with him and get licked on the face.

I’m very very very much looking forward to the O/E seminar coming here next year… I think that’ll be super super fun.

Most of all, I just loved spending the day with my favourite guy because he’s the most fun and just the cutest little friend. He just makes agility super fun, even when we’re working hard and thinking a lot and feeling puffed and tired. I can’t wait till it all comes together for us even more and we know each other more as a team. Ooo it’ll be the best.

There will be video coming soon. 🙂


4 thoughts on “seminaring

  1. Sounds like everyone learnt heaps and also looks like it was lots of fun…. What did Loki think of G-Spot (Adrianna’s photos have been cracking us up)?

    Are O/E going down to Melbourne or are you coming up to Sydney? Would love to meet the little guy 🙂

    • Em says:

      Ooo what is G-spot?! We did whack-a-mole but I don’t remember anything about g-spot!!
      If o/e don’t come down here I would be trying to get up to Sydney if we managed to get a working spot. But hopefully they come down here!

      • Were Vicki, Adriana & Leoney in your group? If so it is the name of the random garden ornament dog they had.
        Hope for your sake O/E come down to Melbourne but really hoping you have to come up to Sydney so I get to meet Loki. O/E are so worth the travel!!!

      • Em says:

        Ah yes! I saw a picture of that this afternoon!
        You might meet Loki if you’re going to the Nats though!? Though he’s pretty placid when out and about… Just an agility demon. But I reckon most people would find he has a very BC personality. A quick hello & tail wag is probably all you’ll get 😉
        I’d definitely be willing to travel for O/E!

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