poor neglected Lumen

I feel a bit bad for Lu at the moment…

When I come in from training Loki her eyes are all big and hopeful. If she’s outside watching she barks and yips little excited and frustrated barks of wanting to join in.

But I haven’t been training her. Usually, I train Loki first – he’s my priority so if I can get something done in the daylight and go for a walk, I will. Then, we either finish on a really good note and therefore I don’t want to ‘punish’ him by locking him away and running Lu (the worst thing in the world for him), OR… we finish up feeling a bit deflated and I don’t want to train Lu with that attitude.

Or… I finish a nice session with Loki and we all go for a walk. Plus it’s hard with Lu – you have to warm her up and cool her down for literally 5 minutes of training.

Then again, I don’t know how much she actually gets out of training given she seems to think  that most of the things we do are stupid and pointless… So maybe it’s not that big of a deal.


One thought on “poor neglected Lumen

  1. iffebim says:

    I don’t think any dog needs or specifically wants to be “trained”(as in: be taught new behaviors) – I think they want to feel appreciated, loved, successful, and eat great things and play with great toys. If Lumen does those things without being taught anything in a training context I guess she really does ‘t care, I know none of mine would care if we stopped the learning and only did running and playing 🙂

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