obsession collie

One of my hesitations before getting a collie was that they would get obsessed with their toys. Constantly shoving a tennis ball in your face for hours and hours until you wanted to throw the ball out the window.

Loki shark

We’d been pretty fortunate that so far, Loki had only seemed to play when you were actively interested. But over the last few months, he’s been refining his retrieve skills and working out the optimum place to put a toy in order for you to dismissively throw it somewhere, just to get rid of it/him.

It’s VERY cute. At first he puts it at your feet. If that doesn’t work, he’ll put it on your lap. If that doesn’t work, he’ll get it, and push it further into your lap. Oh, the cuteness.

Until it goes on, again, and again, and again, and again, and again… until eventually I hide the toy and the game ends.

So now I have a typically obsessed BC who will continually push a toy at you until you get so frustrated you kick/throw/push it away (of course, rewarding him). Luckily he knows that guests are more likely to see it as a novelty, so when people are over he harasses them instead of me. 😉

I guess now we just need to work on an “all done!” cue which means stop trying!


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