competition cherry

well, yesterday Loki popped his competition cherry. He is no longer a competition virgin.

And he really did awesome. Being Loki, I could get him out of the crate SUPER early, so he had a lovely warm-up, we focused with plenty of tricks and went into the ring without him screaming or obsessing over any of the dogs before him. Which, I think meant he was lovely and calm going in.

The first ring was novice agility but I knew his weaves weren’t ready and I still haven’t trained the table so I made up my own course – jump, LOOOOONG lead out, dogwalk, cap a bar, then run home. Well his stay for this run was pretty good… he didn’t hit his dogwalk but he seemed quite anxious running along it, and he missed the tyre on the run home. Oh well.

Then we had jumping in the afternoon. His stay fell apart so I went back and reset him. He still crept forward but I tried to ‘proof’ him a bit and when he proved he could be solid I released. This time we did the whole course as you’ll see below.

He felt much less frenetic than I had expected and although I rushed the spin after the tunnel, it felt VERY smooth and not at all as difficult as I was expecting. I don’t know why I was expecting difficult with him because he’s the funnest and easiest dog ever. Did I expect him to not push out as easily as he did? Did I expect him to knock way more bars? (yes) Did I expect him to feel out of control with increasing inertia as the course went on? (yes). And yet, none of those things happened. And it was lovely.

In two weeks time we’re running again – two agilities, two jumpings. I hope I can get his weaves ready by then, and run him on some unfamiliar dogwalks, too.

I’ve decided with Lu to just run her in agility for now, otherwise I have too many clashes (the next comp would have been 3 rings all at once. Two for Lu, one for Loki), her agility is where she needs the most practise, she gets tired and demotivated with too many runs anyway, and I don’t feel motivated to run HER once Loki is all finished up for the day. So 2 agility runs for her will be nice.


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