ladies & gentlemen, we’re back in action

We did agility today.

Actual, real agility.

Baby Loki cuteness

This has nothing to do with this post, it’s just bloody cute and gifs make things cuter I think.

We did running dogwalks! We did stopping dogwalks (two of them)! We did weaves! We did jumps in a straight line!

And now we begin refining in preparation for August. I entered him in 2 events on the 22nd, figuring that his toe is looking good and if he’s not ready, it’s only 2 events and I’ll just scratch him. I’m running Lu there anyway so whatever.

Some things we’ll be working on over the next 2 weeks based on today’s session:

  • Weave independence. Entries were spot on, but I couldn’t do much but run along beside. That’s ok – this won’t take long at all as he was really good at it before the break.
  • Running contacts. VERY consistent 1 high RF hit and not much else. Going to play the ‘back and forth’ game that we played once before break that he seemed to like. Not worrying a lot about angled exits right now.
  • Stopped contacts for sharper turns off DW – he’s coming to a stop every time just sometimes it’s off the DW. Which… isn’t actually AWFUL and could lend itself to a nice turning RC… but… hmm… No, I shouldn’t do that.
  • Jumping non-winged jumps at anything but a straight entry. We’re working on coming at it with a slight angle now and a very difficult spacing – he’s taking off very far away causing knocked bars. Also, we will need to do pinwheels!
  • Table. Oh God we need to do the table. I can see what’s going to happen- we’ll get in the comp, be running for the table, I’ll call him, do a call to hand around my body, then send him on the table. 😉
  • Everything else is actually pretty ok… His stays are awesome!!! Hooray stay class!!! He’s hardly shuffling at all now and I RUN off on him from the stay. Of course stays when other dogs are training or running agility will be much harder but this is a very good start!

So yep. It’s happening. We have 2 weeks. 😉

Meanwhile, we’re dreaming of heading back to the snow but can’t until Loki’s toe holds up to the wet just a little better.

I know Lumen in particular is hanging out for a snow trip.

I know Lumen in particular is hanging out for a snow trip.


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