Oh, Loki’s foot.

The toe is looking great. What started off as a circular wound turned into sort of a split – like the tip of your finger was hanging off but then was gradually joining back to your finger itself. That’s what’s happening now. At the vet’s a week ago he said it was at 50 or 60% strength. I feel like it’s stronger now. I’m thinking in another week Loki will be able to twist and turn like old times…. The toe pad itself is looking super. It’s padding back over rapidly and I’ve been walking him on gravel without him worrying about it at all. It’s now down to the split healing up…

except we have a new problem…

This mo-fo-ing yeast infection that’s set in. Which of course everybody on the internet has opinions about, and every vet has different ways of treating. So far I’ve been recommended:

  • Washing with diluted malaseb shampoo (medicated shampoo)
  • Washing with undiluted malaseb shampoo
  • Putting Daktarin cream on it (for Athlete’s foot & similar)
  • Getting anti-fungal sprays that Australia doesn’t have for dogs (maybe for horses)
  • Dipping it in vinegar
  • Putting tea-tree oil on it
  • Soaking it in betadine (iodine)
  • Soaking it in salt water
  • Giving oral cortisone
  • Putting cortisone cream on
  • Soaking the foot in water & bleach

Meanwhile, I have to keep it dry at all times. In the middle of winter. A very wet winter. But not hot. So I can’t put it in a balloon, or a bag, or anything else that won’t breathe for any length of time. But I have a BC who needs exercise or we’ll both loose it (cos let’s face it, I’m not going for a walk or run without him)… so if he gets his foot wet, I have to blow dry it when I get home. Which he hates. But he’s so sweet and obliging that he just stands there looking sad after he’s tried to run away from me. I think I’m feeling so frustrated because it doesn’t seem to be getting better. At least with Lumen’s things you could see them healing, or you’d be finishing some pills. His paw has been rusty red for 2 weeks now and if anything, it seems to be spreading, despite me doing what two vets have told me to do. Some positive progress would be really nice.

So I’m not entering him in his first competition that was going to be on the 22nd of August. IF his foot comes good by next week in terms of his toe, that only gives him a week to recondition before trialling. And if he’s not allowed to get his foot wet then running around on the wet grass probably isn’t great. So I’ll enter Lumen because she should run some dogwalks, and aim to enter Loki on the 5th of September instead.

So sick of this infection. Just want my little go-fast collie back.


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