what would you do?

*warning! Non-dog related post ahead!*

The end of the year is marching closer and closer. Next week will be the exact halfway point for us at school – 100 days. Or maybe it’s this week. I don’t know.

As such, I need to begin making decisions about 2016. Currently, I drive 45+ minutes to work (on a normal day, this is about 55 minutes. On a bad day, it can take up to an hour and a half). As a school teacher, I am SURROUNDED by schools in my area. There’s literally about 7 within a 10-minute drive of my house. Maybe more. So obviously I’m spending a lot of time driving, which takes away from time exercising, walking the dogs, relaxing, looking after myself, training, etc.

But… I love my school. I love its philosophies. I love the teachers. I love bringing my dog in whenever I want!

Loki snoozes happily on top of a filing cabinet while I'm teaching. Such a great way to keep him still and calm and not eating his bandages off.

Loki snoozes happily on top of a filing cabinet while I’m teaching. Such a great way to keep him still and calm and not eating his bandages off.

I love the kids. Some of these kids especially are just so cool – they brighten my whole day. I go to school looking forward to working with my little group of EAL kids – mostly refugee kids.  That’s pretty lame, hey? But they’re awesome like that, and I enjoy working with them, helping them out, getting to know them more, watching them learn to trust me more, too.

I know for sure that one of the boys is going to have a very hard year 6 if I leave next year. It took me nearly 2 terms to get him comfortable with asking me for help, and I put in a heap of time with him to try and make our teaching accessible to him. There’s a girl who’s not as badly off but still struggles. Sometimes I get her to sit next to me while the other teacher explains the instructions and I break it down into simpler terms for her, otherwise the language just washes over her, she feels like it’s all too hard and she just tunes out. I don’t think anyone else would do that for them.

The older sister of the boy I mentioned above is going to start helping me learn their language, too. In a way that seems a bit pointless if I’m going away and won’t be using it again.

But what is an hour of my day worth? Or more! And who’s to say I won’t be just as happy somewhere else, with similarly awesome kids, even though it’ll be different? What could I do with an hour and a half extra every day? I could sleep past 5.30 for a start… I could hike with daylight left in winter and train under lights, instead of getting home so late I just want to train and then go inside. I could actually be involved in after school things like open nights and productions, without resenting the fact that I won’t be getting home until 8.30-9 while everyone else would be home within half an hour of leaving…

So, I don’t know. I know lots of people travel further than me… but being a teacher, I don’t have to. There are lots of schools around! Our neighbour works at a really lovely sounding catholic school only 10 minutes from home! I could leave at 8.20 and be there plenty early! Instead of leaving at 7.30! I could leave school at 4.30 and be home by 4.40 instead of leaving at 4.30 and getting home at 5.30!

It’s hard. The sensible decision is to change schools if a job comes up and they want to hire me (important things to keep in mind here!). But… I’ll miss my kids. 😦

3 thoughts on “what would you do?

  1. iffebim says:

    If you don’t know the studies made about this topic, google them and check them out. Length of commute influences general life satisfaction and happiness SO much. I would change schools in a heartbeat. It is sad for the kids but you will have so much more happiness with so much more time and less driving.
    My husband has a 20min commute. It is great. I think we can never go back to more than 30min. Really, read up on it! I think you should change and enjoy much more time to sleep in, cuddle the dogs, hike etc. 🙂

    • Em says:

      Ohhhh no, I can’t argue with science/research. 😦 Looks like I should seriously be getting my butt into gear, fix up my resume and set up job alerts.
      Maybe I’ll just keep stealing those kids over the holidays and taking them on cool adventures. 😉

  2. Penny says:

    Ok I am going to give a total fence sitting answer 😉

    I went from doing a 1hr commute each way to 15mins each way and it was THE BEST. But I stayed at the same workplace so I only had winning:)

    Another very important factor influencing happiness is the people you work with, and I might be more ‘people-y’ than you, but working with people I don’t hate is something I wish I could restore at the moment 🙂

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