luck would have it

I mentioned last post that Loki had gouged a hole in his toe paw pad?

The first vet said it would take 1-2 weeks to heal. I was ok with that – a bit of a longer break for him, no worries. Next vet says it’ll take 3-4 weeks of being bandaged and then another 1-2 months to get back to normal. WAHHH?

So… in the end, it looks like it’ll probably take a couple of weeks of bandaging, and then another few weeks of hardening up and air drying before it’s good to go, which means Loki will probably miss his first trial, maybe the 2nd, too. The 2nd one is the state trial, which I’d really like to do… but there’ll be plenty more so if we don’t make it, we don’t make it. I know he’s going to loose a lot of his sprinting stamina over the next few weeks, and we’ll have to build up his jumping again (though the conditioning class I’m in has a jumping focus so we’re imitating much of the things they do when jumping but as exercises) and remind him how to hit dogwalks, and how to do 2o2o on full DWs, and remind him about weave entries… and at some point teach him a damned table. Nic suggested I should just not trial him until January when they take the table out.

So for now he’s on crate rest so he doesn’t wrestle with Lu. We’re still doing conditioning tricks and similar as the vet said the toe he injured is mostly used for turning, so as long as we take it pretty easy then it shouldn’t get used too much.

I have an idea for a name for the blog too- light\motion or like… light|motion or like light.motion (actually I don’t mind the last one). Firstly, it sounds kind of neat and fancy, secondly it’s a combo of Lumen (being a measure of light), and Loki (being nicknamed Lokimotion) but would hold up even if I get a future puppy because I like the idea of light & motion, and moving at light-speed type connotations.


2 thoughts on “luck would have it

  1. iffebim says:

    When Fusion had his paw injury he lost a lot of strength and condition. I tried to train physically challenging but paw-preserving tricks like penguin, one-hand handstands etc…but to be honest I don’t know whether that helped at all…so sorry Loki had such bad luck 😦

    • Em says:

      Yep! So hopefully he will heal up nice and fast so I can get him back into condition nice and fast and that will be all fine. And lots of paw-friendly conditioning exercises in the meantime. The vet said he can go for walks so we’ll do that, and hopefully in a week or two he can go for jogs/hikes too so that will help a bit as well.

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