break – week 1!

So today Loki has officially done no agility for a week.

Breaks are a good time for:

Play with all your teef out, all the time. If they don't want to play, pull on their tail until they do.

…playing with all your teef out, all the time. If they don’t want to play, pull on their tail until they do.

... go hiking and get really muddy tummies (Aussies get hosed off in the shower, BCs go for swims in the dam at home)

… going hiking and get really muddy tummies (Aussies get hosed off in the shower, BCs go for swims in the dam at home). Still looking extremely beautiful despite being very muddy. 

... curl up with your best grandpa friend after lots of licks to the face & have a nap.

… curling up with your best grandpa friend after he’s thoroughly cleaned your face  & having a nap.

It’s really funny though because I think he’s getting a bit naughty because he doesn’t have the running & thinking stimulation. Sure, he has the running stimulation, he also has thinking stimulation with tricks and stuff, but not together. Last night he was rolling around on the floor chewing on the leg of the coffee table. WTF?! What’s he going to be like by week 3 or 4!?

Speaking of which, he won’t be competing at the trial I thought he would, as their contacts aren’t rubberized and since he’s only ever trained on rubber, I’d rather his first competition not be on sand & paint. Oh well. Means he can have a month off instead of 3 weeks. 🙂 His first trial should now be on the 22nd of August. He’s all official too – his height card just arrived in the mail so he’s ready to go! It’s going to be a big weekend! I could enter him in 7 runs, but looking at the judges, I might enter 5 or 6. And I’ll put Lu in too. I’m going to be busy busy busy. This will be my first time ever running two dogs at a trial. I’ll only enter 3 or 4 with Lumen though – I don’t like the courses that one of the judges sets, she doesn’t need passes in jumping anyway, and she has her best runs in the morning when she’s fresh.

After I was told that he looked sore in the hind, I took him to a canine osteo today. Apparently he’s the only one in Australia. There aren’t a heap of options for people to visit with agility dogs here. There’s the vet that diagnosed Lumen’s iliopsoas but he’s over an hour and a half away… there’s the muscle therapist lady who we used to see – the one that had a stroke so only has a 5 word vocabulary, so telling you what you can and can’t do, should and shouldn’t do, and what is or isn’t wrong is pretty much out of the question. There are some chiros around but unless their back is the problem, I’m not sure that’s helpful. I like the osteo idea that everything has to be functioning correctly for everything to work properly.

So anyway, he said Loki was moving fine (the funniest thing was trying to get him to walk. Not trot, not lope, just walk. God he looked SO awkward. Those of you reading with happy, go-fast BCs, I challenge you to make them walk a straight line on a lead) in his gait, then he had a poke around and found two spots in his middle back which spasmed when prodded, and found that his right pelvis wasn’t as ‘springy’ as his left. Given its his right I’ve been paranoid about, this is good news. He worked on the hip and the back and it stopped spasming. Overall though he was very happy with Loki’s muscle-tone, his condition, his joint mobility and everything else and said he’s fine to go and do agility. I said I’ll stick with the break in any case so I’ll take him back for another checkup before we get back into training. But maybe he’s just a weirdly gaited weirdo after all.

It’s funny as well – I haven’t actually been tempted to do any agility. I think because I’ve set a very definite date as to when we can start again, that’s making it easier. Usually when I want to give him some time off I say: “Oh, he can have a few days to a week off” and three days later I’m like: ‘IT’S BEEN LONG ENOUGH!!!’. I suspect that week 3 or 4 won’t be so easy though. 😉


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