break, don’t break.

Since Loki & I had a fairly lacklustre training session yesterday and because I’m super paranoid about what that lady said about him possibly being sore in the hind end, I’m giving him a break. No, like really. An actual real break. Not like, two days off, or a week off with some RC squeeze in there…

It’ll be his first break because I haven’t wanted to press pause in the middle of obstacle training but since he can now weave I feel happier to say: “Ok, let’s take some time.”

Surely this little guy needs a break! Look at him all tired & cosy & rugged up

Surely this little guy needs a break! Look at him all tired & cosy & rugged up

There’s still a month and a half before his first trial, so I figure if I give him 2 or even 3 weeks off, that’ll give us 2 or so weeks to have some practise before the trial. Ok it’s not a LONG break but it’ll be better than nothing. Also a good time for a break as we’re about to start our stay class and will mean we aren’t practising bad stays during the class period. It’s funny though because apart from training last Saturday, Lu has already been on break for about a month and it’s really not bothering me. I’ll bring her back into work when I bring Loki back in as I’m going to start competing her and Nic’s going to train her for fun at home.

I figure my rules for Loki will be:

  • Exercise/conditioning good
  • Tricks good (including mat targetting even though this is part of dogwalk turn behaviour, it’s technically a trick)
  • Wraps around trees – ok? Since it’s away from equipment & is just fun, maybe ok.
  • If the stay class requires me to do something with obstacles, I will allow the use of a tunnel, but no jumping.
Hooray!! Let's injure ourselves by hooning around together instead of doing agility!!

Hooray!! Let’s injure ourselves by hooning around together instead of doing agility!!

We celebrated the decision yesterday with a 2 hour beach walk with yoga thrown in the middle. That was going fine until Loki wanted to play with Lu who was tied to a tree and wrestling while tied up by your collar isn’t great. Then I had to do an upside down kind of move and sand fell off my feet and into my eyes and at that point I called it quits.

So I’ve signed us up for a conditioning class as an observer because I feel like most of the stretches and exercises I do were ones given to me for Lu’s illiopsoas and although this is really good for Loki anyway especially after weaving, it would be nice to have a wider variety. So! Conditioning class, stay class and lots of hiking here we come!

Let’s just hope he doesn’t forget how to hit dogwalks or how to weave over the next few weeks. 😉

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