Sometimed after agility training I look at Loki as he lies on his side asleep and I think: I did too much, look how tired he is!! Collie down! Collie down!!! 
Then I look at Mallei & Lumen who have had 2 solid days of doing literally nothing but sleeping, and they’re also fast asleep like Loki. 


too sleepy to fully open her eyes. its been a hard few days of lazing around.

Then I don’t feel so bad. 


a very traditional Mal sleeping pose though usually upside down against a couch. here he’s taking advantage of me sitting on the floor to use my legs as his support.

Tried working on DW turns today. All was good until I added speed. I have to remember to take it in more gradual steps. He seems to understand so then I rush on instead of really cementing his understanding. I have to just chill out, not rush it. I can relax- he can do all the things & his weaves are looking bloody spectacular, we’ll figure out the table thing & just keep working on body awareness with non-winged jumps. Turns will come. It’ll be fine. 


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