Remember last week I said we were struggling with the weaves? Remember how I kind of asked for help but then solved my own problem by deciding to close up one pole instead of 2?

No? Then your memory is as good as mine!

Really though. I went and did that – I closed up the most middle pole so there were 3 straight ones in a row. The rest were at varying widths. First session and he struggled with those poles a lot. I went against Silvialosophy and slowed him right down. Close, angled entries, no speed on the approach, no rushing him, no hanging back or moving sideways, just jogging along with him while he worked it all out. By the end of that session it was looking shaky but he had it. The next session, he hardly missed those poles and was looking confident. I obviously do too much with me on the right of the poles to practise left entries because as soon as I went on the right-hand side he was missing those closed poles again. Slowed him down, and off we went.

Then we had Niki’s seminar and then I gave him a break until this afternoon – I took him for a nice hike so he was warmed up but not exhausted, warmed up his bendy spine and went to play weaves. He had no trouble with the middle 3 so I thought I’d test him by closing the next middle pole. That would make 5 closed. No problem! What?!!? I truly expected to go back to skipping poles and head explosions. Since he was doing so well, I closed another.

And another.

And another.

Until all 12 were closed….

And…. he just did them.


He could cope with any entry though I didn’t push him on speed too much for this session, and he still found me being on the left a challenge so I obviously need to work on that but … I have closed poles!!! I have a reasonably consistent contact behaviour on both obstacles! I have turns! I have tunnels! I have going very very very fast!

I… have absolutely NO table behaviour (maybe I’ll just call him back before it, slingshot him around my legs and THEN get him on it, until we get out of Novice & the table goes away! No? Oh), and jumps without wings are questionable so… that’s something to work on. But I pretty much have all the required ingredients now to enter his first trial in August!!! YAY!!!!!

And we joined a stay class! So maybe we will have lovely start-lines too!! Everything’s coming up Roro.


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