weave weave weave 

Such a fun fun fun training session with Loki tonight. 

I actually am getting the hang of dogwalks in sequence- eg. Jackpots = stop & reward, reward hits= keep going with the sequence, non reward hits = stop & try again. I like doing them in sequence too because it means I can be way more efficient in what I train. Hurray!
But the main amazing thing was Loki’s weaves. I did about 3 sessions using the weave-grab to help him learn to collect for the 2nd pole. Tonight I couldn’t make him fail. Not once. I did fast entries from 90 degree angles. I did extremely fast tunnel entries. I did entries with me on the ‘soft’ side with lots of speed. I did rear-crosses. Not one of them did I weave-grab, he was on his own. And he was amazing. Once he accidentally did a bar that I wasn’t wanting him to do so I was like: oh well, I’ll tell him to weave even though I’m not near them or cueing them…  BAM, he went and hit the entry. Way too fun. 

So now we just need to keep closing them centimetre by centimetre. I feel like they got knocked wider at some point Cos they were pretty easy tonight at first. 

We might actually have solid obstacle behaviours for everything by August. 
Except the table. We fricken hate that thing. Yuck. 


2 thoughts on “weave weave weave 

    • Em says:

      Exactly. That’s why I haven’t bought one. Though has it been confirmed that it’s going? Or are we all just hoping & assuming? 😉 I think I’ll be able to get Loki to do a dodgy one if I sort of call him first then send him onto it… But not a full speed one 😉

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