recognising that it’s going to be ok/let it be

So, back in the land of Dogwalks. Doing ok. Generally getting 100% hits from Loki (let’s not even talk about the train-wreck that is Lumen’s RC right now), but I’d say about 50% are high hits. He’s trying stuff. He’s trying loooooooooong leaps all the way down from the apex to the contact zone, he’s trying keeping both front-feet airborn but paddling with back-feet (these get reeeallllyyyy nice hits), he’s trying keeping one front foot airborn and doing like a mini-stride (also really nice hits) and sometimes he forgets to try anything at all (whoops.).

His separation is still nowhere near as good as it was… It is AWESOME for the hits. Like, really cool… but the other 3 strides along the rest of the DW not so much.

But I’m sort of thinking like…

How much does it matter? This dog cannot run faster. I have no doubt that he is going as fast as he can. Is he hitting? Yes. Is he working it all out? Yes? Would he be able to get further along the dogwalk with more power if he had more separation? Maybe, but meh. So…. does his separation matter at this stage? Not so much. If he can hit, if he’s running fast, and if he’s being consistent, I think that’s more important, right? I think sometimes I get so caught up in stressing about how something ‘should’ look that I forget that maybe it’s ok just how it is. I don’t anticipate him picking up a bucket-load of separation when we start trialling so he’d get all confused about how to hit…. Maybe he just likes it this way. So maybe I’m just going to be ok with that and try and help him to hit more and teach him exiT discriminations (oh lordy this scares me SO much… I don’t even know where to begin without freaking the crap out of him by giving him options) and if his separation comes back, awesome! If it doesn’t and he’s still consistent, awesome!

Who cares.

And we’re getting closer to weaves. Yes yes yes it’s very fun.

Oh but his A-frame sucks. It sucks so bad. I need to get more chain and lower it but that involves going to the shop. Yuck. So much for an A-frame for free. Booooo.


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