remember this?

Remember this?


Seems like not that long ago. Late January, I believe. Look at that hit – 1FF and 1 RF coming up.

We no longer have contacts.

I don’t know why. I don’t know whether it’s because I just haven’t been training her on them regularly. I don’t know whether it’s because I ran her over them when they were low for Loki & she was leaping off and now she’s confused. I don’t know whether she doesn’t know she CAN hit with rear-feet.

Like, I was getting hits tonight but they were ugly. No RF separation, and Lumen is THE QUEEN of RF separation.

So she is on DW-intensive training this week. I might even try and fit in some short morning sessions. Problem is that she’s not giving me enough nice style to JP. I get normal Lumen-style when we play the 500-ball game, and she seems to LOVE the game, so I’m wondering if when I play that, a JP is to have another run/chase, and a NR is not getting the next ball thrown. That might make her think…. but argh! She’s meant to be the dog who can DO this – at least at home. In trials I was giving her some concessions because maybe she was nervous about it… Now I think she just has forgotten how to do it at all. But then what if she can only hit playing 500-ball game because she forgets about thinking and just runs, but the rest of the time when she’s thinking she can’t hit… so really I need to not train via 500-ball game but in scenarios that more accurately represent a trial environment (since I don’t think I can get out a bag of tennis-balls mid course & start playing). Ugh. She sucks.

I’m hoping some more frequent training will help and if not… I dunno.

As for Loki… still working away at slow entries, and he is trying LOTS of different things in order to hit. I was going to start changing the exits but I actually want him to start feeling more confident about his adjustments first, and maybe see him settle on one or two ‘styles’ he can use to hit, and to hit consistently with them. He also decided the other day that the DW was haunted and he didn’t want to do it so I had to block his path with some jump wings so he was almost forced to go on. Surely that damn piece of equipment is rewarding enough by now?

Also there’s like, a giant rat or possum in the roof where I didn’t think there was actually any roof space… but I guess maybe there’s enough for a rat. It’s very loud and scrabbly and I think it’s making a nest, but since there’s no roof space, I can’t get in there to kill it or put the cat in there to catch it. Gross.

Omg this is almost exactly what all her contacts look like right now.

Omg this is almost exactly what all her contacts look like right now. Except both her RF would be coming off at the same time.


6 thoughts on “remember this?

  1. I feel you 😦 We stopped training the mat for 3 weeks and for the last two trainings Java had a ton of leaps, as if I put a jump out, not a RC mat!
    It’s RC, so it’s supposed to go up & down, right? At least that’s what I keep telling myself…

    • Em says:

      Gahhhhhh why do they do it to us?!?
      It’s supposed to go up and down until they ‘get it’- then it’s meant to be smooth sailing!!

      • Unfortunately I see that for a lot of people it’s NOT smooth sailing even once they get consistent contacts for a while. I saw Silvia use every opportunity to train contacts on unfamiliar dog walks still with 4-5 year old dogs, so I would say that training is never really finished. Well, maybe 5 years after the dog starts competing?

      • Em says:

        Gah, that’s full on. That being said, our dogwalks don’t change length/height so there’s less having to judge distances for the dogs which I imagine would be a huge challenge for them.
        I think probably my problem with Lumen is that I did get really slack in doing RCs with her over the last few months. So I was hoping that by doing it consistently again she’ll remember but so far it’s pretty dodgy. She doesn’t seem too keen to run full speed on it now either even after a thrown toy so… I dunno. She’s weird. I just don’t want to have to put it down- it’ll be a pain in the butt with Loki (who did an unfamiliar dogwalk last night under lights, hyped up from training with dogs around, into a weird side-facing tunnel entrance… And he did really well. One high hit, 2 awesome ones – we only did it 4 times… Starting from a wrapped jump like at home, didn’t pull off it… Didn’t film of course 😉 but maybe he’ll be ok with other dogwalks, just not mine 😉

  2. True, it could be that this is needed because dog walks come in such a great variety over here. Great news about Loki! RDW training is full of surprises. I hope Lumen’s DW gets back to normal soon as well.

    • Em says:

      I think I’ll just have to take a step back & do some training like I was doing with her when we first went up to full height (like GTCG but only doing 2 different starting spots in a session & working back really gradually) because the behaviour is the same (leaping off from just inside the contact zone but no separation). So maybe doing this will help & might give me some other kinds of hits to reward too.

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