loki: dogwalk plans

I gave Loki a few days off dogwalk. I’d put it low & build it up but he’d found 4 strides hard even on 70 or 80cm. So I made a new plan. It’s back to full height & we’re going to spend many sessions doing slow entrances for 5-stride hits and working on entries. 

We had our first session back on full height today & he’s just building up his confidence. So I’m thinking:

– spend a couple of sessions doing easy straightforward exits with no options. 

-start to set up scenarios with a couple of exit options. 

-start to sequence short sequences before/after the dw. I think part of his problem right now is over thinking. I think this is why he’s lost his separation. If we start to sequence after the DW maybe he’ll start to think less, run more. Keep exits fairly easy when beginning sequences. 

-make exits harder/more discriminations with sequencing. 

-keep working on short sessions with turns seperate from full running sessions. 

-begin to gradually change the start to add more speed. 

-start to mix entrances (fast or slow) while sequencing after. 

-start to add turns in with straights. 

So we’ll see. I think I need to be careful not to get too hung up on lack of separation or whatever- he HAD it, he can do it, I think it’ll come back as he’s more confident about what he’s doing. If he’s hitting & driving forward, that’s the important thing. 🙂


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