first trial for the year

Yesterday was our first trial back since New Years Eve. People kept asking if Loki was entered but no, not yet. I hadn’t entered anything up to this point because Lu is pretty unhappy if the temperature is mildly warm so anything in January, Feb or March is usually pretty risky in Australia! 

But Lu had a pretty good day. I accidentally entered an open agility instead of novice which was Ok because she leapt off every single contact. I don’t know what I’m going to do about her dogwalks. She’s trained on 3 different ones recently with the most recent 2 being very leapy. It was weird because she was looking very confident & happy & was adjusting to hit but would bail at the last moment. Can’t decide if: a. She’s scared of those contacts being yellow (mine is purple) so I’m going to start putting a yellow towel over mine in training, b. Her adjustments in training set her up for rear-feet hits. At home I typically get front-feet or one front one rear but rarely 2 rear feet- was she setting herself up but realised she didn’t like hitting with RF/doesn’t know she can, so bails instead? In which case I have to try and retrain for RF hits (which I’ll do as I build up the DW with loki again). C. Is she still just nervous about dogwalks in trials for some reason? In which case I just need to trial more. 😉 

I decided after that first run that I really just wanted a pass in Novice so I could get out of there as it was the last pass we needed.  I don’t care if we’re in Excellent for a while. It’s usually nice there- not too hard but with some challenges, and the class sizes are small. So in her novice run I just got her to trot calmly over the DW cos I knew for sure she’d just trot all the way down and sure enough we got a pass (and won the ring, ha). Interestingly, even though she’d RUN that dogwalk earlier in the day, she got to the top plank & started to freak out, convinced she was going to die. Gaaaaahhhhhhh. I guess she had more time to think about the height when she wasn’t running. 

Nic also made his agility debut and actually ended up running 3 rings with Lu! He did both Excellent jumping rings and managed to pass them both & come 3rd despite making it very obvious that I need to teach him emergency rear-crosses. And he ran my last novice agility cos I’d already passed the other one. He was doing awesome until he got out of position after the table. I’m looking forward to ‘handing her over’ to him when Loki starts competing. In the meantime it’s a nice way to ease them both in to working together. 

Lu must have been very tired when we got home as she was randomly getting angry at the other 2. When we went to bed, she positioned herself so that if Mal wanted to go to one of the other beds he had to go past her. A lip curl & intense stare from her when he tried was enough to freak him right out and he ended up hiding on our bed. Dunno what she was getting possessive over- her space I guess. Just shows how tired she was! 

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