another night thinking about dogwalks

Fricken running contacts. 

I’m beginning to hate them. When they’re good they’re so good… But they’re rarely that good. At what point do you stop flogging a dead horse & accept defeat? Am I just not cut out to train this, or is Loki just not a good candidate? 

The other day I ran him on his first unfamiliar dogwalk & his hits were beautiful. We only did 3 but they were all great. I felt elated. We went away camping, came back & I moved the dogwalk to a new spot. Disaster. Scary. Running weird. Some hits, lots very high. Why is my dogwalk cursed? Has Loki decided it’s evil because he’s crashed on it? 

Our RC class started in January & finishes in a month. I have a dog who now usually tries to adjust but can’t hit with speed and who avoids striding out over the 2nd apex. I’ve decided to put it back down to 40cm & spend the next week doing short fast sessions to quickly build up the height again. Hopefully this will build up his confidence and show that he CAN stretch over that apex. I might even use a straight tunnel + thrown ball for maximum speed.   And if that doesn’t work I’ll try lowering the stupid apex. And if that doesn’t work then I guess I’ll just fricken do 2o2o because I can’t keep lying here trying to sleep while I stress out about this stupid thing. 

Sorry to whinge about this again but hopefully writing down my plans will help me sleep. 


6 thoughts on “another night thinking about dogwalks

  1. RRR says:

    You’re just NOW beginning to hate them??? LOL!!
    He’s just a kid, and kids do weirdo things.

    If you want RC… you’ll have them. You just seem like that sort of person to me. 🙂

    • Em says:

      Obsessive you mean??
      And yeah only just now. I’ve been able to deal with the weirdo things but it just seems like no matter what I try we’re not getting closer to what we need. I know he’s come a long way in the last few months but this last hurdle has me (and him) stumped. It’s way past my bed time & I’m very tired so that isn’t helping my emotional state any 😉

      • iffebim says:

        Take a break 🙂 I spent more time taking breaks than actually training RCs. I started in Dec 2013, took a break from March-May 2014, then another break from August-November and a third one from January-March 2015 (vacation/injury induced). I always had the feeling when I came back fresh and with new ideas, it went way better.

      • Em says:

        Yeah I was thinking I’d do that once my school holidays are over & I’ve built it back up. Even if it’s only for a couple of weeks. 🙂

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