ready, set, go

I borrowed Badger today and took him to the beach.

Incase I’ve neglected to mention it on here somewhere, Badger is Loki’s 1/2 brother, to the same mum.

He is very fun and he likes to go very fast. It’s been so interesting to watch the shift in dynamics of our little pack over the last few trips to the beach (this will be the 3rd trip with Badger over the last 2 weeks). For one, Badger usually watches Penny’s other dog Pan. But since Pan isn’t there Badger chooses an equally orange dog to watch, and so spends most of the time trying to make Mal move. This works at first but Mal is 11 so is tired after about 45 minutes and can’t be bothered chasing Badger any more.

Loki usually watches Lumen, body-slams Lumen, tugs on Lumen’s neck, bites Lumen’s tail, chases Lumen, is chased by Lumen, wrestles Lumen, pounces Lumen… you get the idea. But Lumen is actually quite boring at the beach. She just trots along and does her own thing and rolls in dead fish. Boring. The other day at the beach Loki had been trying to get Lu to play with no luck. Then he noticed that Badger would run away very fast every so often as part of his imaginary game with Mal. You could literally see the little cogs turn in Loki’s head. Wait on… that… that sort of looks like fun… like, maybe more fun than relentlessly annoying Lumen! And from then, it’s been many long sprints up and down the beach between the brothers. Badger… isn’t that happy about having his little dweeby tag-along brother, particularly as Loki occasionally forgets he’s not and Aussie and tries to Aussie Shepherd shoulder bump him, and gets in his way, and tries to make him play, when all Badger wants to do is watch Mal, but at least he does a whole lot more running and a whole lot less body slamming on the beach now (which MUST be better for his poor little bones).

But today I tested something. I remembered on one of Silvia’s DVDs (or possibly more than one) she says that a way to get them fit and get them to practise sprinting, is to play the ready, set, go, crazy BC game. Which I was like: uh, that doesn’t happen. Clearly just Silvia’s dogs. No normal dog would just run away for no reason.

But… yep. Apparently BCs do.

….oh. And 11 year old Aussies, too. Poor Mal. 15kg of full speed BC coming at you is no fun.

Note Lumen trotting in the back going “what? why???”. It’s funny, she’s so mellow on the beach.

This was probably already 45 minutes or so into the walk so they were pretty tired. 😉


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