pearry funny

I haven’t photo-dumped here in a while so here’s some nice shots I took of the dogs running around yesterday. Please enjoy the multiple pear-related puns within.

Yesterday we went for a nice bushwalk and the dogs sniffed a writhing mass of ants. Loki got a bit distressed about his back leg so I figured he’d been stung but when we got home Lu went crazy. Even though he’d hiked 7km, up and down hills, she wouldn’t settle, was scratching/digging the carpet, couldn’t lie down… she looked super happy though so I just thought she was being weird… but then I found bumps on her legs and so I reckon she got bitten even worse than Loki. Seems better now.

Loki’s DW is giving me nightmares. One minute it’ll be good, it’ll be great if I start him with his paws at the beginning of the up-ramp but add speed and it all falls apart. So, rather than tear my hair out, I’m putting our progress in someone else’s hands, and I’ve signed up for RC class with Silvia. I’ve been thinking about it for a few weeks but finding myself sitting on the ground in tears (I’m blaming PMS because I’m tearing up right now and that’s just dumb) over a really awful DW session just isn’t good for me OR for little Loki. It’s not fair. So I need Silvia to say things like: “just keep going this” even though it doesn’t work because I have such a strong need to change things if they don’t work that I’m really, really bad at being consistent. Isn’t there a quote about only a fool trying something again when it failed the first time? Oh, not even a fool, the insane. Apparently that’s an Einstein quote. So I try and avoid being insane and change things around to try and get better results, as any good scientist would, when in fact he might just need to figure things out before the picture changes, I’m just not very good at knowing when it’s a matter of holding out and waiting for improvement, vs. changing something (whether it’s height, carpet, apex, starting spot, starting thing (eg. tunnel, wrap, jump etc), reward placement, etc). So I’m hoping Silvia can help. If SHE can’t help us, nobody can and we’re going to do 2o2o. Yuck.

Only a week and a half of school holidays left. Which is horrible.

Oh! And I’m up to 80,000 words in my novel, 130 pages. Not sure if I’ll finish it by the end of holidays. I’m AWFUL at solving the problems I write. This is where I get really stuck. Blergh.


2 thoughts on “pearry funny

  1. Penny says:

    I thought I wrote a reply last night that said I laughed my guts out about the puns in this post. But it isn’t here. So here it is again 🙂


    • Em says:

      I was so disappointed at Facebook cos nobody seemed to have appreciated all my puns (maybe they didn’t get the appeel… that’s more of an apple pun, I guess) so I’m glad SOMEBODY enjoyed them!!!
      Thanks Penny!

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