Guess what!?

Mal turned 11 today! Happy birthday Mal!

As you can see he’s still pretty sprightly and happy about life. He gets pretty tired at about the 1 hour mark of a walk but then, he’s done that since he was like, 2. Nothing new there. He tries to run around with the young kids but can’t really keep up so just barks and barks. I’d enter him in agility again but the courses we’d have to run are way above what he was trained for and if his hips are getting sore as I suspect they might be, then it’s probably best not to push it.

Guess what else? I started writing a book (I used to write fantasy stories all the time as a teenager. ALL the time) and I just hit 25,000 words. Apparently if you’re writing fantasy, that’s about the 1/4 point. That’s a lot of words. I’m really scared of losing momentum but there’s so much of this story that I’m excited about getting to that I don’t see momentum loss happening for a little while but then I’m only on holidays for another 3 weeks so we’ll see what happens after that. (I don’t think I’ll finish it before then, even at the rate I’m going.) It’s fun. I’m enjoying it. I might be getting RSI.

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