but it’s faster to go around…!

Ok… I’m not calling this a problem. Let’s call it a “challenge”. Yes. Loki, as you know, is very fast. Very, very fast. The only times he is un-fast is when I’ve scared the shit out of him by making bars evil. (like the other day when I very innocently “fell over” as part of jump proofing and laughed about it and told him how wonderful he was but obviously the bar had jumped out and bitten me and therefore it’s evil and dangerous and he probably shouldn’t go over it again or if he does, regard it with high amounts of suspicion).

He knows they can't be trusted.

He knows they can’t be trusted.

But in general, Loki operates on speed: VERY VERY FAST.

Which makes doing something like a push behind while I continue moving alongside the wing very difficult.

Very difficult with or without blind cross involved.

Very difficult with or without blind cross involved.

Oh this is so HARD. Why don’t I understand that it’s so much faster and easier to just go AROUND the whole thing!? He can do it easy if I’m not moving. Once I add in motion, it’s out the window. He can do it find if his toy is on the ground near the 2nd wing, even with my motion… but take away the toy and add motion, No chance. I think OMD would usually use an assistant at that step to drop the toy there so I guess maybe that’s an option…

My other line of thought was to begin doing serpentines. Because surely a serpentine is just a series of pushes and pulls with a hell of a lot of motion, right? So, straight lines? AWESOME. OMG. SO MUCH FAST. Straight lines with bars angled? NO SWEAT! AWESOME, SO MUCH FAST. Bars at pretty much serp angle from one side (pull over, push out, pull over) – doable… tricky, but not impossible… Serps from the other side (push over, pull towards, push over) NOPE. Even with last 2 bars angled still? DAMN HARD. SO MUCH FASTER TO JUST RUN PAST AND INTO TUNNEL.

I put myself in a dress because I never wear dresses and maybe you'd forgotten that I was a lady... or something.

I put myself in a dress because I never wear dresses and maybe you’d forgotten that I was a lady… or something.

And we do a 5-10 minute little session and he comes in absolutely puffing. And he’s not unfit. He can do a 2.5 hour beach walk/run with plenty of water and sand running and want more more more – I think it’s a serious guilt trip, tongue curled up in its border-collie way.

Lumen’s lack of speed and motivation shits me to tears but at least I know what to do with her and how to deal with those issues. Too much fast? Waaaaayyyyyy unfamiliar territory. I have no strategies for too much fast. Sometimes I make things easier so he succeeds and then try and make it trickier again but usually there’s a point where he won’t succeed again, and then what? You surely can’t just keep making it easier forever or you’ll never progress. Penny has a wonderful training method of DMOI (Do more of it) so I’ll just keep those bars where he’s successful for now for a few sessions and then very, very slightly angle them in.

Speaking of progress (and dogs who aren’t too fast), I bit the bullet and put a bollard at the end of the dogwalk today, which led into a nice straight tunnel, and did a few reps of hard turns off the plank with Lu – even had her run the whole thing and yell “LEFT LEFT LEFT” as I front crossed her into the tunnel and threw her ball. She did great. Maybe she’ll be ok with this and I shouldn’t be scared of hard turns. Guess I’ll see what happens as I begin to get smaller and smaller bollard substitutes and then fade it completely. But I’ll take my time with that – I’m hoping we’ll benefit from better hits with straight exits as many people seem to have experienced once they trained turns.


6 thoughts on “but it’s faster to go around…!

  1. Penny says:

    That thing with the wing. HILARIOUS

    Btw I had this video suggested to me by Youtubs because obviously it thinks my highschool german is up to it. It isn’t. I have no clue what he is saying. But look what he does with the wing for the serp to make it easier. Interesting.

    Das ist einner Penny

    • iffebim says:

      He says that you should either angle the jump or just the wing to make the jump more visible. He also said that if you have a fast dog you should lead out close to the second jump so that the dog doesn’t beat you to the third jump, because if they do, they will look back at you and miss the line.

    • Em says:

      I’m pretty sure that’s what he saw in his mind after the wing became evil.
      I do like how he angled the wing! OMD often does something similar, uses a ‘fence’ or an ex-pen to create a barrier until they’re used to doing (and being rewarded for doing) the bar and then they take away the barrier. That angled wing could be a good step between ‘they’re still angled’ and ‘now they’re straight, good luck!”

  2. I love the wing image. I think I’m going to have nightmares tonight ๐Ÿ™‚
    Ruby used to have problems like this, but he liked to go around jumps in general (like on cik he would do a cik around the whole jump), so I didn’t pay too much attention to it… just DMOI ๐Ÿ˜›
    I would continue working with the toy on the ground at home and when a helper is available have them throw the toy.
    Speed is a fun problem to have ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Em says:

      Yes speed is a very fun problem to have, I just don’t have any experience with it!!
      Given how few backside jumps we get here it’s really not that big an issue (they used to love putting in straight line serps though so they’re a bit more important) so yeah, we’ll DMOI and use the toy on the ground and angled bars and angled wings and all of it together will let him know that it’s actually way cooler to do the bars than not. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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