jump proofing: fail

So I watched a One Mind Dogs video last night about proofing your dog’s bars. Pretty much what Justine Davenport does. So since Loki has been knocking a few every now and then I thought I’d have a go. I thought it would be fun y’know- muck around, act silly, see if I can get him to knock bars. Big mistake.
First time I do it I pretend to fall over by crouching. This was ok. The next time, I wave my arms and Loki is convinced I’m trying to kill him with his toy and that the bar is evil. Suddenly my driven, do anything, obstacle loving dog is walking up to the bar and looking at me suspiciously over the top of it. I try and act cheerful and have fun with him, show him it’s all ok, the bar isn’t evil, I’m not possessed and he’s not a bad dog, but I can’t convince him. I manage to get him to do some cik/caps over the evil bar in and out of the tunnel but when I face him straight on to it from where the evilness began- nope. Not doing it. Too evil.
And now I feel like such an asshat because I broke my perfect border collie and now he hates jumps. Wahhh.


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