While I take a minute from writing reports (boo, hiss), I just want to pat myself on the back a little.

Often I think that something will ‘fix’ Lu in some way- like healing her iliopsoas will make her jump better or turn easier (it didn’t), or having wings will make it easier for her to see the jumps so she’ll jump better (possibly, but I don’t have concrete evidence either way). But usually my little changes and little solutions just result in things going on like normal…


Ages ago I mentioned how Lu seemed to be anxious about the up-ramp of the DW. She would shorten up her stride and almost jump onto it, rather than striding on confidently. It was a weird problem, though it didn’t effect much except maybe to slow her down a little before the obstacle. It only happened on my dogwalk.

Then I saw a picture with jump wings that had a spectrum of colours:

Can't remember where I originally got the picture from so can't credit it. :S

Can’t remember where I originally got the picture from so can’t credit it. :S

Originally, the end of my dogwalk was red – which looks brown, like the grass. Hmmm….. So, maybe she was confused because all of a sudden there was a floating blue plank but she couldn’t easily make out the beginning of it, where to get on?

So… I painted it purple. Not just to match my pretty wings and pretty new tunnels, but so she could actually see it.

And yesterday for the first time in 2-3 months, I put the dogwalk up to full height (we have a competition on the weekend so I thought it was best) and ran her on it…

And I’m pleased to say that she actually looked VERY comfortable – getting on, and running along. But she ran on. She didn’t ‘stutter’, she didn’t shorten up, she kept her rhythm and ran on. So, for once, maybe one of my little solutions actually made a difference! Hooray!

(oh, AND she was driving into the weaves without much help from me and hitting the entrance, and weaving while I pulled away laterally. Good girl. Now I just need to make the entrance angle harder and start challenging her more there).

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