reasons I love my BC #1

I keep writing these gushy posts about how much I adore my Loki and how crazy I am about him but they sort of don’t go anywhere except to say that I really really love him. Like a lot. Like really. So maybe I’ll make a little list of thoughts and ideas that pop into my head of very BC things that I love.


Today’s thing I love:

When training, if Loki doesn’t get his reward, he will try something completely different on the next rep. For example, today we were working on threadle foundations. I wanted him to do this:

exibit A

The purple represents the toy.

Instead of doing that, he did this:

exibit B

So he didn’t get to play with/keep his toy cos he hadn’t come in to me first.

When I asked him to do it again, he did this:

exibit C

He’s a creative little problem solver, my guy. Obviously the ‘do the first bar’ bit was wrong, so I should probably avoid doing that again and go all the way around it. Such a good little boy.

And of course, we got there in the end. 🙂


2 thoughts on “reasons I love my BC #1

    • Em says:

      I thought that badger was more like just keep trying and trying the same thing. Loki is very much into trying something COMPLETELY different. He’s very creative with it too. It’s hilarious but often not that helpful 😉

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