running, weaving

So of course the afternoon after I whinge and complain about how nothing is going right with Lu and I, and she goes and does all this cool stuff:


Like I said on the video there, that’s the first actual running I’ve seen on the DW in a few months and is almost 100% for her. I’ve seen faster and longer when playing the 500 ball game, but this is pretty darn close. If she keeps running like this I’ll be very happy. And I was happy with her weave training there, too. She was hitting some nice entries, working pretty independently, getting confused about what to do when she’d finished the weaves (sigh). But she was pretty keen… I’ve found that getting her to ‘back up’ before doing anything helps sort of wind her up and she’ll automatically start with more speed than from a stay or a restrain. Now to teach her to back up from further away and in more of a straight line!!


And this little guy is just awesome:


So glad to see him looking more confident along the WHOLE thing now – we’ve been working our way back gradually since his crash as he was quite anxious about the up-plank. But look at him go. What a little champ. Check out the separation on the last hit! If I can keep that going, woo hoo!!! I need to be mindful with Loki though that he lives for this work. I bet that if I’m not careful, I could end up training him to not hit well by ending the session on a beautiful hit like that. Cos he’d start to associate doing that with finishing. So maybe I need to get the good hits, then do something easy like some tunnels, and then finish. He’s not doing it now but I can imagine that it’s something his little brain would figure out. Maybe. But he’s such a good boy that I don’t know if he’d mess up on purpose – then he’d be failing in his duty as a border collie (something Penny said on the weekend that I really liked cos it’s so like that – they just want to do their very very best and if they don’t, they’re failing in their duty… poor little guys) and I don’t think Loki would set out to fail. Anyway, it’s something to keep in the back of my mind.

I actually think Loki’s DW crash taught him to respect the obstacle a bit more – like, you can’t just spazz out and not be mindful of your legs, cos it can hurt! So you need to be THINKING and running. Although I don’t want him to crash and it was very scary, maybe it was an important lesson, too. But no crashes since then!


Here’s a video from the weekend, too.


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