oh lu, what are we going to do with you?

Trial day yesterday. Last one for a while I think.

Lu is such an interesting dog. She changes completely in the competition environment. She tugs, she’s keen, she’s spicy, she runs with speed and flow and determination. We had one run with a knocked bar , one with a bad blind cross from me, and one with a bouncy/loud dogwalk and a hard weave-entry and wonky weaves. We have only trained weaves twice in the last 2 months.

But I’m brought again to the fact that I have this great competition dog, but how can you train a dog that doesn’t find training enjoyable, but obviously is actually keen to get out there and run? Like, I could just train sequences – do a sequence, have a big party and call it a day, but then how do I get in the specific skills like weave entries? Because every time I try and run a sequence she can’t hit even a nice entry at the moment so we have to stop, go back, and try again.

And I’m so bummed out because her dogwalk is so mediocre right now even though it’s lower and she should just be able to RUN. It’s like whatever drive she had before has diminished even more, so that even chasing a ball, which she used to enjoy, is a chore.


So for the next 2 weeks it’s going to be an intensive weave and DW focus. Because, not this weekend coming up but the one after we have the 3 day Shape Up Dogs seminar and I bet they’re going to have hard weave entries and hard DW exits because I put us in the Advanced class because, y’know, I thought we would have been training and competing for at least 8 months from when I booked us in, but apparently not. I’m betting she’ll cope OK with all the jump/tunnel handling stuff but we’ll get all messed up by weaves or something dumb. It’s just so frustrating. I feel like we’re further back from where we were 9 months ago, at least in terms of obstacle behaviour. Can’t weave, can’t wrap, can’t dogwalk.


… I’m just frustrated.


3 thoughts on “oh lu, what are we going to do with you?

  1. Penny says:

    Hmm Frustrating, majorly frustrating. Not sure what is worse, a Pan dog who LOVED training because of tennis balls, had much more energy and love for agility but then looked like we had never practiced anything going into competition and ran like she was dying.

    Or your opposite dramas with Lumen. That seems horrible too. I’m sure you will figure something out, you are smart.

    Would have liked to see your last run, I got busy at the end of the day somehow.

    • Em says:

      You’re right, Pan would have been equally (or more) frustrating

      I’m just feeling like that for every step forward we have to take 2 back. Like how she just got her running DW and then got sick, she just learnt how to weave then had to do rehab, and every time we’ve gone back to training I’ve had to start from somewhere and chip away at the problems and then just when I seem to be making up ground again (like how her dogwalk seemed to be improving at Anne’s), something would happen so we couldn’t continue that momentum. And now I don’t know if it’s just cos she feels unfit or if her lack of hormones have ‘dulled her down’ or something but even a low dogwalk isn’t full speed any more.

      Yeah that last run was good except my blind- I reckon I was over thinking one section and didn’t wait for her commitment over the bar before my turn. But she did all her cloth tunnels. That’s something. I think my run and your agility run were happening at the same time.

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