Been a while since we had a good ol’ fashioned photo gallery in here.

I’ve developed a most excellent game as I felt that Lu wasn’t actually running full speed even on a low dogwalk. So I started playing her favourite 500-ball/crazy ball game but instead of the straight tunnel inbetween, her dogwalk is in the middle! See video below.

Yesterday I got some nice photos of Loki doing some training, and this morning some of them just running around being dogs. Nothing too special.

I mentioned in my other post that we had a special competition coming up at the Royal show- it was on Sunday and went pretty badly. There were HUGE winds (someone said that the big ferris wheel recorded winds of 110km/h) and it was hot, so already we were behind the 8 ball. The courses were tight and small and in our last run, a parent had put their child OVER the fence and the child was hiding behind some bushes INSIDE THE RING. Lumen went at barked at her, then barked at the judge. She missed all her weave entries (haven’t been training them) and her 2 dogwalk hits were hits but they were pretty shocking and she basically loped along the whole thing. So, anyway. Maybe that show isn’t for her. Or me. Or probably Loki. Loki could do it but even just being there I could tell he was pretty stressed and overwhelmed in his own little way – but of course, ready to play and work if I asked him to. Good boy.

I’ve been wanting to post lately about how much I am just loving on Loki. Just adoring him. He is the most amazing guy. Ugh – it sickens me how much I love him, and it makes me feel bad because I don’t adore Lu in that way, and I think that it’s how I used to feel about Mal but since we don’t work together any more we’ve sort of become distant from one another I guess. Mal used to be my whole world. Now he has to share. Poor guy. Anyway, every time I’ve been thinking about this post it just sounds like some horrible love-fest about how obsessed I am with my little guy. He is that awesome though.

Ok, enjoy some photos!

And the movie I promised…



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