rest, take 2?

Apparently, we’re going for a 2nd try at a rest day. I was all ready to get going for a hike – I’d popped Loki in the crate for a minute while I jumped on the computer. Next thing I knew, Lu was asleep, Mal was asleep (he’s always asleep though so he doesn’t count) and Loki was asleep. Maybe they need an extended rest? If Loki wakes up this afternoon all grumpy like a toddler who’s napped too much, maybe we’ll go find a forest to run in, but for now, everybody is happily curled up in their various sleeping areas.

Not that I’m going to complain- if this makes Lu all go-ey and fun for Sunday’s competition I’ll be happy. I’ve been wracking my brains about what I need to train between now and then but when I looked outside and saw it was too wet to train, I finally thought: ah well, stuff it. It’ll be what it is, it’s not like it matters. So I’m not worrying. If she doesn’t remember how to weave, she doesn’t remember how to weave. If there’s a cloth tunnel that she doesn’t do, well, she’ll do it when I get my own cloth tunnel. If she jumps her contacts, then that just means we need more competitions to practise in. It’s going to be such a different environment. Given how she’s a bit of a diva and really enjoys the energy of competition, and the Royal has the energy times 50 with all the crowds watching, kids, people, noises… well, she’s either going to LOVE it, or she’s going to be totally off. Mal won his class at the Royal once and was off a different year… but he doesn’t really do crowds and kids and stuff where Lu did so many pet expos as a young dog that she just thinks they’re fabulous. Everybody is here to admire my beauty?! Well why didn’t you say so!


Very exciting things are happening over here over the next few months- I have 4 beautiful wing jumps arriving from QLD at some point, and 2 new tunnels which are non-slip so I’m thinking that Lu might like them more because she’ll feel more stable on them (maybe?) and Loki won’t be so inclined to fall on his face when trying to turn out of a tunnel, I’ve ordered an A-frame and a Tyre and I made myself 2 more wing sets too. So I should have pretty much a full course in a few months, with 9 wing jumps and 5 old plastic PVC ones, I’ll fix up my rusted see-saw and get that working, I’ll have 4 tunnels, and I painted my contact area of my dogwalk from red to purple. I was wondering if maybe the red faded in to the green grass too much (according to dog colour vision where apparently red and green are almost the same) and that’s why she always looked awkward getting onto the dogwalk – she couldn’t see where one thing ended and the other began. So it’s very pretty. It’s become a little more slippery than it was but I’m hoping with a little bit of use and wear, it’ll be just as good. Everything is very nice and blue and purple now, hurrah! Colour themes! Once my wings and tunnels come I want to start doing a few different workshop and class formats – some stuff that nobody else is offering. I’m a bit excited.


2 thoughts on “rest, take 2?

  1. Hi! I just wanted to stay that with my BC/Aussie mix who competes in agility, I never give her any exercise the day before trials or the day of class. Without the exercise, she gets super pent-up and gives it all whether we’re at a trial or class. If she gets her usually amount of daily exercise on class days, she tends to shut down fairly quickly. She decides that she’s done for the day. That’s what I’ve noticed with my dog – thought it might help! By the way, where are you located?

    • Em says:

      Thanks for your comment! Yes we definitely have easy days before competitions, though still tend to go for an easy walk or something, but no training or running. But Lu isn’t a dog to usually give it her all, though she does give more in competitions. 🙂 I certainly wouldn’t give her ANY exercise on a trial day. Little Loki will probably need a big run on a competition day though or he’ll be crazy 😉
      We are out in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia 🙂

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