Today, we are doing something radical.

Something extreme.

Something out of the norm for our household…


We are….

having a break.

That means:

-No games of chase or keep-away in the yard.

-No wrestly sessions.

-No agility

-No walk

-No training of any kind (we’ll see how that one holds up with the young border-collie by the afternoon!)


The only thing that’s allowed is eating food from kongs, toilet breaks, sleeping, and doing some rehab with Lu in the afternoon.

It’s been too easy since we moved here 3 weeks ago to just put all the dogs out in the yard. It’s beautiful, they run and run and run and run and shoulder-bump each other and run and run and run, and when I bring them in they’re puffed and ready for a break. EASY! And because I’m on holidays, we can go for all the walks! Beach walks! Forest walks! Long walks! Hill walks! All the walks!

But then I noticed that Lu was all like: nah man I don’t wanna play. And then I took them to the beach yesterday and she was all like: “I’ll just trot along beside you, ok?” and when we got home Mal was lame, and Loki was all: thank God we’re home I’m going to sleep anywhere now.

Little Loki Cat-bed

Exhibit a- Loki sleeps in a bed made for cats.

And so, with Nic sighing “it’s about time”, I laid down the rules of Rest-Day. So far, so good. Lu is on the couch happily snuffling in her sleep, Mal is out-stretched on his side on the floor, and Loki is in his crate, quietly sleeping but ready to spring into action at any moment.
It’ll be interesting to see if Lu ‘perks up’ a bit tomorrow and is a bit more keen on doing some agility stuff. I need to remember to schedule these breaks more often, but like I said, it’s hard because it’s so easy to just let them run and play and wrestle and get nicely conditioned doing that. But I guess if I went to the gym every day and sprinted and ran on the treadmill for an hour or more… I’d probably get pretty exhausted, too.

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