day of rest: fail

Well, I caved.

I was doing so well. It was 5.30. The dogs had been sleeping… Loki had been restless, then sleepy, then restless. I put Loki and Mal outside while I did some stuff and Loki hopped the barn door through the garage to come hang out. Fine, I said, we’ll do a quick session of running the dogwalk. I’ll even use the real one so it’s safer and grippier and less bouncy, instead of the dodgy planks. Running the dogwalk won’t be that bad, there’s no twisting or jumping, just running.

And then just as I got him confident on it from a bit of a stack the other day, he has an epic crash. I don’t know what happened, maybe he was going so fast that his legs got all tangled up and he came off and rolled and had hurt his hind leg. I ran over and cuddled him and he whimpered. My poor little guy. He’s walking on it pretty well but jesus, that wasn’t meant to happen. It was meant to be easy and safe.

How do you get a dog who is so blindlingly fast that he can’t control his own legs, to run on a 30cm wide plank? How the hell is he going to do it and not kill himself when it’s 1.2m in the air?! Do I just stick with slower starts? I think maybe slower starts, dropping it back down to 20cm for a little while and staying there until he has control of himself. Maybe don’t train RC for a while until he’s older… I don’t know. He’s like, the most naturally body-aware and coordinated dog I know, but maybe he just needs some more maturity, some more running in a forest, some more running on a flat or very low plank, and some slower starts (the one he crashed on I started him maybe 5m from the end of the plank. Up to that point I’d been restraining him at the very foot of the up ramp and he’d been doing fine, so maybe it was just that added speed).


Poor little guy.  This is something I never had to worry about with Lu.

Maybe he’ll have to have another rest day tomorrow.


One thought on “day of rest: fail

  1. Poor guy! I would definitely hold off on teaching it if I were you-that’s actually why at 13 months old, Feist hasn’t begun contact training. We’re going to do running, and up until this point I’ve felt she’s just too immature to be driving after a toy and keep track of her legs while on a narrow plank. I’m just now beginning to think she’s ready to start it on the ground.

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