-Loki somehow fell off his little dogwalk this morning. It’s on 40cm and I’m using a real plank as the up ramp cos the other one was too slippery. It’s so terrifying to watch him- he’s just SO FAST and his legs are going everywhere. I saw he lost a lot of confidence after he came off- hurt his foot somehow too. So I think I’ll stay at this height for a while. It’s so easy to forget that he’s only 8 months old. He can just do so much stuff that I want to keep moving forward and forward but I need to just take our time together.
-Lu tried to impale herself on a branch at the beach today. It was great- branch sliced right along where she’s had 2 incisions now. Luckily no damage or blood, just a sad sore pup.
-speaking of Lu, she’s all weird. Remember I was saying she was super happy and energetic? Since moving here she’s been very ‘blah’. I don’t know if she’s always feeling sore and tired from heaps more plays with Loki or if it’s that combined with decreased fitness from her doing rehab or what. I find it really hard to give her a rest cos it’s just so easy to put the three of them out and let them tear around and wrestle and get tired. She’s also decided the car is very evil. We argue about it every time at home. I don’t know what’s happened but she’s decided it’s evil.
-our herding went well on the weekend. I have photos and videos so I’ll post them at some point. Lu was actually very good when she found her brain. I heard her breeder (and herding instructor) commenting on how nice she was. She felt very balanced and calm on her 2nd go and we even practiced ‘finishing’ and her walking away from the sheep with me and then being rewarded by being allowed to play with sheep again. It was very nice.
-both Lu and Loki figured out how to escape one of the fences today. Loki got himself next door where he trundled around in the dam. Lu was convinced she was trapped in that paddock even though the boundary fence is just strands of wire. Wouldn’t take her long to figure out especially once she learns there’s rabbits over there. More stuff to fix.


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