giving up, giving in

Today is one of those days that I just feel ready to throw in the towel with Lu and give up on doing agility with her. Seriously. Her RC was mediocre in terms of running speed, and everything else was very blah. Most times, I got to do one run of something and then have to say: “Ok!”, go get her, and tie her up, because she’d have wandered off of her own accord to go bark at the cows or sniff at the ground.

I’ve fallen out of the habit of doing focus games, Recallers Games and Let’s Play! games because life has revolved around moving, and rehabbing her leg. Now that she can train again, that’s all I want to do- I don’t want to do the other stuff. Obviously, given the responses I’ve been getting from her, I need to do those things more but at the same time, she hasn’t weaved for 2 months so that stuff is on my priority list, too.


And then I tie her up because she’s all “I don’t care for your shit”, and I get Loki and he tries. his. little. heart. out. Oh gosh it breaks my heart sometimes to see him trying so hard. One time he just wasn’t getting it, so I said: “Ok, let’s have a break!” and he’s all like: No, no, I’m sure I can do SOMETHING that you want! And goes out of his way to trundle through a tunnel. Nothing stops him. He lives for this game. You can not reward him a bunch of times and he just keeps going- getting more desperate each time, sure, but he doesn’t stop. He wouldn’t stopped until he dropped if he had his way. It’s terrifying, but it’s such a nice change from a dog who just doesn’t care.

Maybe today is just an off-day. Maybe I need to literally do ONE THING, and then tell her “session over!” and tie her up and even if I just walk circles and play tug with Loki (cos let’s face it, there’s only so much I should do with him), then she can watch that and then have another go. I don’t know. I still don’t have a currency for her. I thought I was onto something when I pulled out the hose after doing some RC and used it as a jackpot and then had to drag her off it she wanted it so bad, but she’s never been able to put 2 + 2 together. Eg. Do this little agility thing = get that cool reward you want. Her mindset has always been: Do that agility thing. End.

Get the cool thing for some random reason! Yay!


And so sometimes, over the last few days, I’ve just felt like maybe I shouldn’t bother. She loves competitions- she comes alive there, but how can I compete if I can’t train the dog that I’m competing with? I’m so paranoid now that one weave, one wrap and she’s going to be all broken again that I find myself OBSESSIVELY watching how she moves. Maybe she’s had an off day today, maybe she just hates training with me but enjoys competing. I’m not sure how to put the two together or how to just be ok with her when Loki is just such a star and so much easier.


We’re going herding tomorrow- Lu and Loki and Nic and I (and Mal but he’s not herding). Maybe it will be nice to have something different to play with for a morning.


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