some little videos

First of all, how cool is this little guy?

Oh… that video didn’t work (why is it only 1 second?!). I’ll put the proper one up tonight.


Second, here’s some of Lu’s training. I was SO impressed with her being able to hit and get that jump off to the side (first run was a NR)… obviously still needing to work on a tunnel pull, though it is very close… I think what I’ll do is what I’d done for the last run, where I’d pulled the ‘push’ side away a bit, so the only real option was to be pulled in. Obviously my timing wasn’t great cos she got confused about where to go but it looks like it should work anyway. 🙂 And the threadles are coming along- I think the theory is, once they can do this really hard version of a threadle, the straight line ones will be easy!


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