birthday bean

Yesterday was Lu’s 2nd birthday. It’s certainly been a year…

We got to full height on her DW, closed the weaves, dealt with the stomach ulcer saga and subsequent recovery, got her DW back to then have her desexed and find out she had an iliopsoas strain, she got her first title and got restricted to on-lead walks while we work on her hunting. She’s become happier and more engaged with me, more food and toy driven, and more focused. This morning I too her out to do some Justine Davenport Foundations stuff, and worked on threadles like this:

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 10.32.42 amWe did it with her on both sides – with her on the opposite side to this picture, I saw her start LOOKING for that bar to flick back to. YES!!! On the side in this picture she was still turning back very late. But the amazing progress on the other side means it won’t be long until she’s anticipating that flick back. Of course the bars are only low for now but actually I think that’s ok as she gets the feel for what she needs to do.


So happy birthday, Bean. Let’s have a less stressful year this time, ok?

Lu birthday



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