product review: Kong Quest – Wishbone


Border Collie product tester, hard at work.

So, ages ago, my friend Amanda over at Pawsitive Aussies showed me these new Kong products. They looked neat, and I found them in the store some time after but didn’t buy them as they looked too easy for my dogs to figure out. Amanda posted some photos of her Aussies working on them, and told me what she stuffed them with and so I took the plunge. And let me say, it has exceeded my expectations.

I learnt a few things pretty quickly:

1. Soft balls of meat (like 4 Legs) work well. Or you could do some 4 legs to plug the holes at the end, and kibble in the middle bits. For Loki, stuffing the whole thing with 4 Legs is difficult enough to keep him working at it for 30+ mins, but with enough success that he’ll keep trying. I’m certain you could stuff it with any kind of meat or meatlike substance and freeze it for an even longer-lasting challenge.

2. Lumen is too wiley to be fooled by balls of meat, so I found these dried sausages that are the perfect size for the long straight bits AND fit perfectly in the holes. It took her AN HOUR of working at this thing the other day to get the sausage out, and still couldn’t get it out of one of the holes. HA HA! Considering it takes her about 20 mins to get through a regular peanut-butter-and-biscuit type kong, this was great. Loki finds this too hard and gives up.

3. If you want to put kibble in you definitely need to plug up the end holes or it just falls straight out. Bigger kibble would be better than smaller as it still falls out a bit easily for my guys, unless you get creative.


“Gah, so hard to get into the nobbly end bits and hindered by overbite!!”

I haven’t tried it with peanut butter yet and I don’t know how much of a challenge it would be, since that’s more about licking – I found if they actually had to try and get something out with their teeth they’d get really stumped.

None of my guys have destroyed it, though Loki has tried gnawing the ends to get the sausage in his more desperate moments of frustration, but they don’t show any signs of damage. That being said, NONE of my guys are strong chewers and have plenty of their original toys left, and don’t tend to destroy stuff. I reckon this rubber is soft enough that if your dog was a strong chewer, they’d get destroyed pretty quickly.


"Promise I won't destroy it, see, I'm only licking it"

“Promise I won’t destroy it, see, I’m only licking it”

We’re still learning the optimum way to stuff this for maximum duration but also letting them experience some success so they don’t give up, but it’s certainly got more longevity than I thought it would.

I’d give this product an A.


Kong hasn’t given me any of these for free or asked me to write this post so this is really my opinion having spent $20 on the thing then having found out I could buy them with free shipping for $13 on eBay. 


3 thoughts on “product review: Kong Quest – Wishbone

    • Em says:

      They’re from PetBarn, they come in lots of types – I used Kangaroo but they were very dry and hard to break up. Pork was much bigger so maybe harder to keep in. 🙂 They’re “Butcher’s Superior Cuts” range

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