30 Days of Mallei

Day 18:

I think moving stress is catching up with Mal. Either that or he’s sick. I’m not sure which, actually. For one, he hasn’t been putting on weight despite getting fed a cup and a half of puppy food a day, plus some peanut butter and other things (bones etc), for two, the ‘cough’ that bothers him occasionally at night or just randomly wakes him up, has been particularly loud and troublesome lately – moreso than I’ve seen before. Then today he vomitted up chunks of the bone he ate in bile, and on our walk he was really slow and sad, and when I gave him a kong with frozen meat the other night he didn’t eat it, and I gave him one tonight with peanut butter and he didn’t eat that either. He seems to still be happy to eat his dinner so he still has an appetite… maybe his heart just isn’t in working out how to eat a kong right now. Poor old guy.

Here’s a picture of him looking worried about the thought of tackling his kong. I don’t know whether to take him to the vet. They already think I’m paranoid, I reckon.



3 thoughts on “30 Days of Mallei

  1. Rosie says:

    Maybe he’s just really bummed out. We moved last year at this time and I WAS STRESSED!! and really bummed out (I didn’t want to move, but we had to).
    I’m with Mal, Pffft on peanut butter.

  2. When my friend’s dog Sugar was really stressed she did things like that. She lost her spark and would eat the required amount, but didn’t take any joy in anything for about two whole weeks! Just make sure he knows that he’s loved and he’ll sort himself out as he adjusts.

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