skippy the bush kangaroo

You guys, a cool thing happened today.


We were out for a walk in the bush- right on twilight, Lu’s favourite hunting time, at a place where Lu has hunted before. Lu was on-lead, with her halti on, and Mal and Loki off-lead. I’d been hearing some animal-y noises in the bush to our left as we walked but nobody else had noticed and there were kids voices around so I thought it was kids playing in the forest. One thing to note about Lu in her halti is that it tends to crush her spirit. Like, things that would usually drive her crazy are mildly interesting, treats are good but not great, and Loki running off into the bush is cause for mild concern rather than full-blown panic. So, she’s still in there, but she’s about half her normal self.

Anyway, I’d stopped to throw a stick into the bush for Loki and the next thing we knew, about 20-30meters back down the track where we’d come from, a roo hopped happily across. I saw it, Lu saw it, Mal saw it, Loki was getting his stick. I stopped Mal from going anywhere and gave him a treat, Loki brought his stick and was all like: “hey guys, what’re we doing!?” and Lu stared at the roo. Her legs quivered, she let out a little whine, stared for maybe 20 seconds, and then turned to focus on me. She got a big jackpot of tasty treats, and then a release – she looked at where the roo had gone for maybe 2 seconds, then back to me again.

I think if her halti hadn’t been on, her reaction would have been much bigger but boy, what a change. She didn’t scream and cry, or jump to the end of her lead, or run circles around me whining. She looked, whimpered, and looked at me for some treats. What a good girl.


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