Loki & the dog park

So I’ve found something out lately. Loki is one of those dogs at the dog park that other dogs love to pick on. You know, they’re usually white fluffies? Well for me, it’s Loki. I don’t know what it is about him. He goes up to them and says hello nice and politely and then they start to chase him – not in a menacing way exactly, but not in a fun-loving way like how they chase Lu and she loves it. And when he’s giving off ‘scared’ signals and obviously not enjoying the game, they gang up on him more.

I don’t know if this is my fault – when he was a pup we’d take him to the park often but usually always with Lu and he was so fixated on her that I guess maybe he didn’t interact that much with the other dogs? Like, he probably did, but probably not as much as Lu did as a pup… and he met lots of agility dogs on lead and saying hello, but didn’t get off lead to run and play with them… So maybe I didn’t socialise him well enough with that particular scenario? I can see him, as he gets older, resorting to desperate measures (like retaliating) when he’s being pursued (and fair enough?!) but I don’t want him to have to be in that situation.

And maybe it’s not a big deal- either we just don’t go to the dog park (and it’s not like we go often, just sometimes it’s easier for him to go there and RUN than for us to go on an actual walk) unless Lu is there (because when she’s there he doesn’t even notice other dogs). And that’s not an issue, I really won’t be upset it we don’t go to the park much, I just feel a bit sad that he’s that dog that gets harassed. Poor sweet little guy.


In other news though his recalls off of those dogs were great tonight and he had fantastic focus for his ball and doing tricks even when they were all around. Last time we went was a disaster, he lost his little brain to wanting to work all of them all the time.


2 thoughts on “Loki & the dog park

  1. It might just be all the dogs deciding to play kick the puppy into submission, a lot of dogs don’t do well with puppies around his age/don’t like them.

    • Em says:

      Yeah there’s that too. We’ll see how he goes as he gets older but it won’t be such a big deal if he can’t do dog parks. Might stop taking him for a while so he doesn’t start associating dogs with bad things though

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