just a Loki

Sooooo… I have a problem.

It’s actually a really good one to have, I’m just not used to it, or haven’t ever had to think about it before. My little puppy is going so fast that he can’t turn tight. With Lu, our issue was always getting faster. Yesterday I tried Loki for the first time with a tiny little bar doing some cik/cap stuff and oh boy, did our tightness go out the window. I really don’t mind, it’s just something I’ve never had to consider. Whaaaa? Going TOO fast?! Here’s a very good example in the video below. We’d been playing lots of tunnel games this afternoon and I was SO impressed with this little thing we did: first there was the threadle-arm into the not-obvious entrance of the tunnel. Good job puppy. THEN, I tapped my leg (ala “Flappy tappy” to call him right PAST the tunnel, WHICH HE DID, even though I was moving (that had been the trick before: stationary Em = easy to come to hand. Moving Em= might as well do the tunnel) and RAN, and he did it. It was cool. So I filmed it. And watching the film you can see the extreme wideness as he takes the tree on the ‘tok’ side (actually usually his better side) which probably would have helped him not do the tunnel, though to me at the time he was still SO close. I was holding my breath and running to see what he’d do (without looking at, and therefore pointing at, the tunnel entrance).



And then he’s started doing this which is also extreme levels of cute.

Loki doesn’t really like the water, generally speaking. He’ll sort of go in a bit but doesn’t like to swim. He’s recently discovered though that when he walks through the water it makes splashes that make ripples. And he can bite the ripples and when he does there’s more splashes and more ripples! It’s pretty cute.


Meanwhile, we were meant to be moving next Friday to our awesome agility-friendly property, but there are some issues and so might not have anywhere to live as of that afternoon, so that’s pretty cool. I’ve had a few people say we could stay with them, and then I remind them I have 3 dogs (I figure we can cattery the cats if we need to, and actually I could probably shuffle Mallei off to a friend – everybody loves Mal) but that still leaves you with Lu (who is a turd, and injured, so wouldn’t be able to play all day with other dogs, etc.) and Loki (who is young, and a BC, and therefore high-needs).


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