things I learnt today

  1. Loki is very good at recalls
  2. Things Loki can recall off: birds, rabbits, foxes, eating poo.
  3. Things Loki finds difficult to recall off of: the bush.


Took the dogs for a little walk this morning and found a new little free-running bit (helpful, since we’re moving in 2 weeks). It was very nice and grassy. Lu and Mal were both on lead with me (Mal has been taking Loki on naughty little adventures so he’s lost his off-lead privileges for a little while) and Loki was off. Generally he runs fairly far ahead but I can still see him and he stops to alert me/show me if there’s something interesting ahead. When we were heading back (via the main track) a fox ran across the track and Loki started trundling toward it (and by trundle, I mean he was running but it wasn’t a Lu-style hunting sprint, more of a “hey, what was that!?” kind of curiosity. I casually called him and he turned right away and came. Then, not 10 seconds later, a rabbit ran across the path up ahead and he saw it and his response was to TURN AROUND to come back to me!!! Woah.

And Lu handled all that pretty well, too…

But… when we got off the track and into the bush, he was gone.

Gone gone gone.

Off the hill and far away.

Which made Lu all angry cos obviously he was going to go hunt ALL THE THINGS without her and made Mal all squeaky because HE wanted to be running somewhere too and made me all angry because WTF, where did my puppy go?

So we did a couple of recalls – he was very far away but came quickly, but as soon as I said “OK!” he was off again. Down the hill, far away.

So I said ‘stuff you!’ turned the two big dogs around and marched up the hill back to the track. Eventually he came.

Looks like he and I will be taking some one-on-one adventures off trail into the bush, practising lots of FUN recalls (it’s hard to be really fun and engaging with Mal on my belt and Lu’s lead in my hand attached to her halti which I can’t pull around because she hates it), and me doing lots of hiding, turning around and going the other way, etc. I don’t mind a degree of independence but WOAH, he was completely off this morning.

2 thoughts on “things I learnt today

    • Em says:

      Yeah so weird!!! I got in and he was like byebye!!! And I called him and he was like yay recalls! And I said ‘ok’ and he was like byebye!!! It’s ok- nice excuse to have to walk just him 😉

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