30 Days of Mallei

Day 1: Barking + Snow = happy. (Nic says: snow! It’s his most least favourite thing! Which I think meant that he both loves it at first and then doesn’t like it rapidly after that, not that it’s the thing he hates the most)



So, Penny has been doing a 30 days of Panshanger on her blog so I’m stealing the idea to do a 30 days of Mal because he’s sort of become a bit lost since Lu and then Loki came along, so a bit of focus on the old guy wouldn’t hurt. Be prepared to see lots of jolliness, lots of worriedness, and lots of orange.

Somewhere in the middle of the 30 days we’ll be moving house and will in all likelihood end up without internet/beds/things to eat off for a while so I apologise in advance if there’s a small hiatus there.


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